Thursday, 17 January 2013

Everything has its place

Nature is a wonderful, amazing almost magical thing.

It can be beautiful and it can be so terrible sad.

But no matter which side of itself it is showing you, you can always be sure that things are working as part of the circle of life.

Take a shark - love them or hate them they are totally vital to the workings of the ocean which in turn is vital for our oxygen and general life on earth.  Everything fits - it all works together.......or did.
Humans came along and for some reason decided they didn't belong in that circle but somehow still expect that circle to work.

Humans can do the most wonderful, intelligent and smart things but then sometimes they can be so down right dumb!

I know people eat animals and that is your choice....I am not going to preach about that one today but in the modern world there is no need for fur for fashion - especially when it is taking the life of something - we have central heating - we are not living out on the bare plains of America.  And for an animal to lose a life for a handbag or for jewellery is disgusting.  Cowshide leather is used in many things - but at least the rest of the cow is used.  I have been heart broken at the pictures of some amazing elephants with the front of their faces cut off purely for someone to have some grotesque trinket made out of their tusks.

There is no need.">
>Breaks my heart.
Don't play a part in it - please.

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