Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The modern world

Just over 3 weeks ago I attended the first Vans Warped Tour UK.  For years I’d seen the write ups for the Vans Warped Tour in America and thought the whole concept looked amazing.  So when I heard it was coming to the UK I bought my kid brother tickets for his birthday.

We went and we had a lovely time….up until half way through the evening.

Some crazy out of it girl assaulted me.  It appears she may well have been on the run from assaulting someone else.  The security were on her quite quickly……but then apparently , they let her go.  There’s a whole incident with the police/venue/security firm etc about this so I won’t say much more on that, but I will say this………

It would appear this girl did this quite often.  Why?

Her friends stood back, folded their arms and looked bored, as though ‘Here we go again!?!’

I am flawed.  I mean I wouldn’t be friends with such a person, but, if a friend went to attack someone I’d be pulling them back not just standing on the side-lines bored.

But more to the point….when did people get so angry/aggressive for no good reason? I would never dream of doing something like this – where did society go wrong for someone so young….or anybody come to that point, to think this is the way you behave?

The hospital I went to said I was the 50th person they had seen from the event.  That is one nurse from one hospital….that is scary and shows that something was not right with the security and something is definitely not right with people’s mentalities today.

I’ve been off the internet for a while as I was recovering at home with a serious concussion and head injury.  When I did go back on line all I was seeing was people attacking people facelessly with typed words behind their computer screens, judging and bitching about everyone and everything.

To call someone names does not make you a better person, it does not make you come across as a good human being.

I went online to look at things to help hair grow etc, etc and was horrified at the amount of attacks that were taking place on young girls by other young girls.  There was one story of someone who was jumped by 6 people, pinned to the floor and had most of her hair pulled out.  I mean seriously WTF!?!

Many of these people have barely started living life yet and the mentality amazes me.  How are they being brought up to think that this sort of thing is normal and ok?!!?

Why can’t people just go out and have a nice time? That people just actually start being nice to each other?

The Doctor at casualty said they had worked there for 18 years and still didn’t know the answer to that question.




  1. I totally understand you and I think the same. What's happening to people that hurts each other? Where are the parents teaching being good persons, teaching to respect o.O

    I am questioning why people self-destructs too.

    I like finding people like you from other parts of the world. Let me tell you, I'm argentinian. I don't speak so well in English haha so I'm sorry if I use bad the English, I'm trying to do my best. Hope you're fine, and continue walking on this way, the way of love, light and peace. The world needs beautiful and good people like you :)


  2. Aw thank you for all the lovely comments you have left on my blog. And don't you worry about your English - I have understood you fine ;o)
    It's really sweet of you to say nice things and it's nice to hear people thinking I am talking some sense as it means there are good people out there.
    Sometimes the news makes you think that's not so.........
    Thank you again and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.
    I will check out your blog as soon as I have more than a few seconds spare.