Thursday, 20 September 2012

Musings of the day

I just saw a headline - screeching out of my computer - 'Most Millionaires in the world' not really great english or very catchy, but the point is apparently there are more of us super rich than ever before.
I said 'us' like I was one of them.
I really am not.
I live hand to mouth pretty much month by month, getting by.
I have time.

I can leave my work at work, I am home at a reasonable time. I have the energy to do what I want to do outside of work, so I write, I blog, I take pictures, I read, I run a book club, I see friends, I spend time with family and loved ones, I sometimes knit, I very occassionally bake cakes or make dresses, I walk alot, I daydream even more, I am writing a book and I am studying a counselling course.

I am not showing off, bragging or saying I am cool or uncool, I am just saying this is what I do.
I don't have a high flying job - I was working on the career thing - then got sick, had to have a series of operations and I can say it really altered my thoughts on where my life was going and what was important.
I have been ridiculed for not having a more 'complex' or 'higher salaried' job. I have been looked down upon.
I've even had someone say 'Oh my god - I did not know you wrote!!! I didn't know you did this outside of work!' They seemed shocked I had a life outside of work, not just a life, but quite a full life. See they were looking down on me but all it did was make me feel something like pity for them. So shocked to have a life outside of work!?! That's just wrong - surely that should be a given.

The consumerist world is getting more greedy - it keeps us trapped because that is what makes the fat cats fatter. They don't call it 'trappings' for nothing you know. We don't really need 200 pairs of shoes, you might like them but really you don't NEED them, and that's where people keep getting confused.
We don't really bother to fix things anymore, we just go out and buy a new one. Take the ipad for example, people have a perfectly functional one at home, then the new one is announced and they rush out to buy it. Did they need it, of course not. Now they just have to up their insurance incase someone steals it. Eventually you get so much 'stuff' you need a bigger house to store it in. All this costs more and more and keeps you tied to the one place, it creates competition amongst your fellow humans and the cycle goes round and round and round and round.
So, I have stuff, in my eyes too much of it even now, but I don't have loads, I don't have millions in the bank, I don't have a huge house. But I have a roof over my head, I can pay my rent and put food on the table. I don't own a car, but I live in London - it's not really needed and instead I walk and take notice of the world. Above all that I have time. It's one of the most precious things on earth.

To me, this means more than having huge amounts of money in my bank account doing nothing whilst I work all the hours god sends.
I don't think this was meant to be what happiness is about.
I don't think we were meant to make our lives about work.
I have friends that are super rich - and I hear SO many times about how tired they are, how they were stuck at the office, how they missed a friends birthday because of a deadline, how they feel stressed out........I also suprisingly hear them go on about money troubles.
So it would appear that no matter how much money you have it probably is never enough and you always live to your means - SO - I have the beauty of time....suddenly I feel rich beyond my dreams.

So, rather than get stressed, or judge yourself upon others or what the media say - maybe just alter the way you think.
If you have time to be yourself and to do the things that make you happy on a regular basis then I would say - you're winning ☺


  1. Please, let me tell you that YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

    Your thoughts, how you are. I'm really amazed. I think that destiny put this blog on my way. Some hours ago I watched the movie UP on my movie because I am fan of Michael Giaccino who's gonna work with me and my partner in Argentina in a short future. I think God or Destiny put this blog and specially you, on my way and I thank that.

    It's very hard to find people like you. If I were you, I'd be the most happiest woman in this universe...And you meanwhile you're reading me, maybe you think that I'm some king of crazy haha...If find you searching pictures of Carl, and you put it on your blog, and I find some, some great, wonderful, I really don't know what word could be used in this moment to explain what I'm feeling, haha you put some spectacular entries in this blog. I hope a lot of people of the world could enter here, the messages you give are so special, and wakes our conciousness. I realized this things you tell some years ago, and I'm expecting changes in the world...sometimes I'm upset, but you, only you, with your entries, makes me increase this hope that sometimes seems to disappear with the bad things I know or live.
    I congratulate you for who you are, I am really glad we share this time together in this world.

    Continue giving more of you! If you read this, i hope you can answer me, can I translate this messages in Spanish? I have my official web in Spanish, I put messages there for people. Maybe if you use a traductor you can read, if not I will try to send you, if you want. No doubt to contact me from anything.

    I am writer, and my mate too :) So remember my name too hahahaha

    Kisses girl!

  2. Again - thank you so much for your lovely comments - it was so nice to read them and to know that something I write is being read by someone who cares.
    I don't really advertise my blogs - I am also on tumblr and wordpress as I kindof like the idea of people stumbling upon them.
    I don't want to mass market it as I think there is too much of that in the blog world these days.
    So it's nice to know that my humble little blog is getting out there and making a difference to a few.
    Although the world can seem depressing sometimes - it really isn't if you focus on the right things - it's not always easy but that's what I try to do.
    Thanks again it really is appreciated.