Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Some they come, some they go

Some people come into your life for a second - they lift you up and then they go.
Some people see you through from start to finish.
Sometimes your best friends aren't always the people you have known the longest.
Sometimes you can look at your friends and wonder how you ended up with them, but you wouldn't change them for the world.
One best friend is better than a million aquaintances.
You can be yourself with a true friend.
You don't have to always look your best and they will love you anyway.
They will be honest with you.
They will pick up the pieces and they will wipe away your tears and they will be the first to make you smile again.
They will forgive you.
They will know when you want a hug, and when you want to be left alone.
They will be your chosen family.
Don't forget them for they are important.

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