Thursday, 1 March 2012

My head is about to go POP!

Pictures like this blow my mind.
It makes me marvel at the absolute wonder of nature.
It makes me want to pack my bags and just travel around looking at things for the rest of my life.
It also makes me think about how insignificant we are.
That tiny little speck on top of that rock is insignificant in the grand scheme of things but that tiny little speck has also blown at least one persons mind!


  1. you know its funny you posted this.. cos i posted something similar on my fb yesterday which was this fabulous article on dailymail that you can appreciate i think.

    i find that lately i am struck by wanderlust... like i need to see more of the world too.. photos like these really inspires u to just pack up ur bags and go see the world huh :)

    sheri x

  2. Oh thank you for that ;o) I shall have to have a read later. It's true, I think you get a little older and a little wiser and realise we are not meant to be routed to the spot and that working long hours to gain money to buy more 'stuff' is not the way to go!!!