Saturday, 3 March 2012

Heart knows best!

It's true - your heart can over rule your thinking and sometimes that is not good but a lot of the time it knows best.
Sometimes we get stuck in trying to label things, impress others, assuming we know best but sometimes your heart has to butt in and take control.
Not all things make sense to us - but trust your instincts.

I know a number of girls that say they want a huge list of specific things in a man. Then they wonder why they are single. It's fine to have standards but there is a limit to when that just becomes plain picky and where you start to sabbotage your own happiness.
One friend swore blind she had to go out with an indie pretty boy that was this that and the other - although it had never worked out when she had got involved with someone like that. I dared to say that maybe what she thought she wanted wasn't what she needed at all.

Life has a weird way of throwing you curve balls but also life has a weird way of working itself out.

Don't dismiss chances and opportunities just because it doesn't quite fit the mould of what you think you want and need - the best thing I learnt was just to be open to life.

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