Tuesday, 21 February 2012

In the land of make believe

How gorgeous was she au natural!
Ok, ok it helps that she was somewhat of a knock out when she was younger so had the genetics to carry her through to old age quite gracefully.
But then there are a lot of other people out there the same - ok - well not quite the same as Audrey but there are a lot of beautiful people out there that make themselves ugly through their vanity and cosmetic surgery.
It does not make you look younger - it makes you look weird.
It does not make you more beautiful it makes you look the same as all the others that are having the same procedures done.
One of the beautiful things about life is that we are all made different, that no two of us are the same, even snowflakes follow our rule, but look, here you now have a generational thing going on where people think it's the norm' and what you should do - buying into the sheep mentalitly being forced upon us that we are accepting so easily for some silly reason.
A lot of women and men that go under the knife actually have BDD and other mental health issues so you would have to argue how morally correct it is to do things just because someone has the money.
What happened to embracing out individuality?
Loving who we are!
Being beautiful on the inside is what counts.
But that doesn't sell so much does it.
Just think about why you are doing things before you do them.
Those 'perfect' people in the magazines are not so perfect without the aid of computer technology and lighting!!!!

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