Saturday, 4 February 2012

Eye Eye!

Who knew there were so many wonderful ways to do eyeliner!

Once you have mastered the art of liquid eyeliner I don't think you can turn back - you just have to be very careful and make sure you carry around some cotton buds if you suffer from hayfever. I have yet to find a decent waterproof liquid eyeliner. I've found one that just stains - which is rubbish as any mistake you make is there for the world to see for two days. I always used to wear winged eyeliner but now I keep that for the evening and a little modest sweep for work.

Unless I've been crying or had allergies then my eyeliner becomes super thick.
Just like if you catch me wearing red lippy to work - I am hungover and look like death but if I put the red lippy on you will think that is why the rest of me looks pasty. See, there are hidden messages in the way us girls wear make up you know.

I've been caught out in the rain on many occassion and my eye make up has stayed perfect but you try to cry descreetly in the cinema at a sad movie and totally deny you did so - then you walk outside into the lighted foyer where everyone can see you and suddenly you have become the daughter of Alice Cooper - how does that happen!

I am now feeling fully encouraged to try that huge eyeliner all over your eyelid flick......waiting for the boyfriend to now ask why the hell I am impresonating a panda and will of course tell him 'It's fashion darling!' and try really hard to not cry at the movie we watch tonight.

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