Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bringing the outdoors in!

I've always wanted a tree house but I've also wanted a tree in my house. It started when I was little with the whole Magic Faraway Tree thing and (if you haven't read that book you should change that fact no matter what age or sex you are but make sure you don't buy the book that has the name of one of the girls changed to Frannie!), I then was taken to a pub that had a vine growing through the room with proper grapes growing on it, and I thought that was lovely. Then I saw a house that had a tree in it that was incorporated into stairs - it's amazing and it's another thing to add to the Ali I Want list!


  1. Hi Ali, I've discovered ur blog by pure accident the other day and i don't normally comment on blog but i have to say, urs is an amazing one. most of the post i can relate :)
    yes, I'm a dreamer too lol.. i love all of the images here.. where did u get them??

    Sheri x

  2. Hello Sheri - I am glad you have found the blog and like it ;o) Thank you for your kind words.
    I have a collection of images I love that I use, or I get them from google searches, tumblr, anywhere really - I put my own words to them or my own thoughts - and if I use someone's picture it's meant purely as a form of compliment, some of the pictures are my own photos etc etc.

    1. Well, ali whatever you've done, you've done a fabulous job. i literally can feel your passion oozing through the blog :) love it! have a wonderful weekend xxx


  3. That's so kind of you thank you so much Sheri.
    Have a good weekend too ;o)