Thursday, 5 January 2012

You like potato and I like potahto...........................

So Sarah Harding bit her boyfriend and we all have a good laugh.

Or do we!?!

The article about her biting her boyfriend was read out in the staff kitchen, followed by people laughing and words of ‘Loser’ thrown about. As in the man being a loser. Sorry I have no interest in finding out his name.

But I do have much interest in finding out why people think this is funny.
If a man beats up a woman we (rightly) think it’s a bit outrageous.
If a woman beats up a man we (wrongly) think it’s hilarious.

I remember reading a report about a man that was raped at work.
No one would believe it was possible. Male anatomy can still be made to work even if the mind and heart aren’t in it. Women can over power a man. So why was this man not taken seriously?
Why do we find it not such a funny story about Sarah Harding now we find out that she was apparently dragged around the floor by her hair with her face bashed into the floor.
Yeah I’ve heard the jokes about how many people would like to bash her face in and blah blah blah but um let’s just ponder for one moment.

Cheryl Cole beat up a poor toilet attendant but then was ‘allowed’ to become the nations darling. (she was never and will never be a darling of mine.)
How come she was so easily forgiven?

It’s been widely reported that girl gangs are increasingly more violent than boy gangs these days.
There have been shocking scenes of young girls beating men up, even killing them on the streets.
I know of friends mother’s who have been verbally abused by school girls.
Courts will still sentence a woman to a harsher sentence purely because they don’t expect women to behave as bad as men. Not too long ago there was quite a high number of women doing jail time in the UK for unpaid TV license where the number for men was minimal.

On the flip side someone once said to me if a woman punches me in the face unprovoked, I’ll punch her back in self defence. Say I am wrong if you want but I kind of agree. To be totally 100% honest with you I wish there was no violence full stop but self defence is self defence.
Men can be and are abused in relationships too and it’s about time that was taken seriously. The emotional scars from such things run deep and heal long after the physical marks have gone and if society won’t support them then that’s going to make the healing process even harder.

Kate Moss has been known to pack a punch but this is excused because she’s Kate. Why?

If Jamie punched her back wouldn’t the media be up in arms?

I heard a beautiful sentence once, ‘There is no real reason for an adult to shout unless someone’s life is in danger.’ How very true that is. If we are in control of ourselves and our emotions we should be able to express ourselves without screaming and shouting and just waiting for our turn to speak and we should definitely be able to express ourselves without having to hit someone.
I am not trying to quote a Michael Jackson song here but it doesn’t matter if you are black, white, pink, yellow, blue, man, woman, child or elephant. Violence is not wanted round here!!!!


  1. I absolutely agree with you. I know girls who have hit men diring arguments and then been astounded if they were hit back. Violence begets violence and that's not exactly a new concept...


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  3. Totally. A girl goaded two men to try to beat up a male in my family once, totally unprovoked, he floored both guys in self defence and turned to the girl and said 'You're next bitch' and she scarppered. I asked him if he'd have hit her if he needed to and he said yes. I totally supported that. He had done nothing, she was being a loser bitch and the guys were idiots. He didn't want to get involved in any of that. More seriously though if you google violence or abuse you get all these support groups for women which is good but why not support groups for men, or support groups in general. There's another saying about domestic violence that people ask why the woman doesn't leave but the real question should be why doesn't the man stop. But I think we need to take that sentance and just change the sex to abuser and abused. It would be nice to live in a world without violence.

    PS - above post was deleted by me as I made spelling error in this and was being anal but it wouldn't let me edit it ;op