Wednesday, 4 January 2012

So you think money will set you free......................

I don’t always have the energy for my morning walks but today I did, and I am glad. Not only did I contend with having to make way for a squirrel but it’s half an hour where it’s just me, my thoughts and my ipod. Today’s album of choice was Yuck for anyone who cares to know.

As I was walking along I realised how crisp and clear everything was around me. I had on my scarf and gloves so the cold couldn’t get in to bite me, so it just felt fresh….and quite lovely. As I looked up I could the City in the distance looming over me. It was covered in smog, a yellow/orange hue of their own sweat, skin cells, cigarette smoke and fumes. The city workers, who let’s be fair, those city workers in particular are very much to blame for the economic fuck up facing many of us today. But due to ‘the fear’ of those with the power to make said people pay – they have gotten away with it. Remember the riots, no not those ones in the summer but the ones against the bankers. The protesters were making a valid point and only a few got carried away but did you know the bankers were hanging out of their office windows up in their gold lined towers and waving wads of money at the protesters and laughing. That’s how sorry they were/are.

I thought about how down here I could breathe and see clearly. They couldn’t from those towers in the city. Interesting.

I don’t have anything against anyone with money but I will make a few observations.

You know if you see someone who is beautiful and they don’t really know it – they sort of stay beautiful. If you see someone who is beautiful and they know it they become ugly quite fast. I figure it’s the same with money. If you are rich and act like you are you become quite ugly. If you are rich but don’t act like it (and I don’t mean pretending to be down and out – you are not that daft, you know what I mean) then they stay beautiful.

If you can afford anything and everything at any time you want – where is the fun? I grant you for a few weeks, months even it would be great but years of it? Do you not become jaded? Do you not start doing the things you ‘should’ just to keep up with the competition. Do you not really lose sight and lose your way? How many times have you heard of a poor man shooting his entire family and himself when he’s lost a job? Not anywhere near as often as you hear about a rich man losing his money and doing the same thing. That stuff makes me think quite deeply.

Sure we’d all love a bit more money but they don’t say the ‘trappings’ of fame for nothing. So that brings up another argument doesn’t it? Does money equal fame? Well it shouldn’t but it does start to open a lot of the same doors and in the world of Hello and Ok magazine it does put you on ‘those’ pages. It allows you your own show – god I curse you Kardashians and the like! Anyway, I read a great book, No XAT. Try and find it and if you do please get me a copy. It got taken out of print some time ago. It was my older brothers copy, but someone um borrowed it without consent. Anyway if you can get it read it – it’s interesting. All about the history of money – yeah I know I am not selling it so great now am I. Anyway – you realise the Rothschilds etc, etc, by etc, etc I mean one or two other families – they are pretty much behind everything if you trace it back far enough. All the ruin that they have caused just to keep their pockets lined as deeply as possible, to keep their name up there. Is it really worth it? I am sure to them they think it is. But how much money do you really need? How much until it loses itself and just becomes something that whispers around you, that you never really touch it or feel it. Never again will you feel that sense of joy as you finally save up for that one thing you really wanted, or find that little treasure in the second hand store. I guess the equivalent is when your yacht is finally built or you buy some ridiculous antique? Not quite the same, sorry.

See, I don’t think money is the key to happiness. We’ve been sold that idea and we’ve sucked it up good, but please stop and think. It’s not really making you happy and you are just lining the pockets of the people most of us have grown to not like very much thank you.

So…..surely success then isn’t about what car you have, or whether you work a billion hours a week for a trillion pounds or whether you fanny about kicking a ball about and make a quarter of a million a week – yes Wayne Rooney – you! It’s sick, when there are people starving in this world and some footballer gets paid that – anyway it’s best I don’t get into that one right now, another day, another blog……but money, success……….you can be born into a rich family and have riches and fame from that without having had to do a thing – so how does that make you successful?

We know that certain doors are open if you have the right amount of money in your bank account, or the right surname or have the right friends – but that doesn’t always make you talented. I see really great singers in pubs, destined to not go any further. I know people that are great writers and movie makers that are really struggling whilst those with the right credentials sail on through the gates of Warner Brothers. Does that make them talented? It makes them successful in a way but is it for the right reasons and in the right way? I’ve never dreamed of being rich and famous. I’ve dreamed of being comfortable in terms of money and successful. I feel I am successful. I go to bed each night with a clear conscience. I wonder how many bankers can say that as they look down from their golden towers covered in the smog of their own bullshit.

I have my own little tower – it’s a crumbling little turret in London. But I am free. I don’t just work. I have no competition but myself. My job doesn’t cause me huge amounts of stress, I can do what I want without being too frowned upon because the only standards I have to live up to are my own.

So who is the success? I ask again, what is success?
suc•cess (s k-s s )
1. The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted: attributed their success in business to hard work.
a. The gaining of fame or prosperity: an artist spoiled by success.
b. The extent of such gain.
3. One that is successful: The plan was a success.
4. Obsolete A result or an outcome.

Interesting…..the only one about the artist says something negative ‘spoiled’. The achievement of something desired is a far more lovely way to describe success. If you desire to just get through the day without causing anyone harm or damage and to keep fighting the good fight then you, my friend are a success every day!

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