Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Oh it could be so perfect

Just tell me this isn't the best form of transport...ever!

And this is surely the best curtain to have ever been made.

This is fast becoming my favorite chair - hasn't quite stollen the place of the revolving circular one but this is pretty special.

And the best kitchen....even I might cook in there!

These are wonderful - although they do bring in me a desire to pick one up and let it go to see what happens!

This is the sort of lounge I have dreamed about my whole life.

And what a bedroom. *sigh*.  I wonder if I smile REALLY sweetly at my boyfriend, I wonder if he'll sort out this dream for me?


  1. No argument from me on the bicycle point. If I could just get rid of this snow and ice, I'd enjoy pedaling year round.

  2. Haha I am longing for the snow - maybe they could do a unicorn on blades ;o)