Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Years and all that jazz

So what did you do for New Year?

Do you remember?
Yeah I know – I am writing things arse backwards again – welcome to my world!

I haven’t been out for New Year for the last few years – and I think it’s going to stay that way – when I say not going out I mean not going to pubs and paying to go to a place I’d normally never go to or would go to for free, a place where I end up having to buy myself a tray of drinks (that inevitably get spilt down me) because I know I won’t be able to get to the bar again.  Where people will think they can try to grope you because the place is busy, where insecure girls glare at you for breathing near their boyfriends (honey I can tell you now – not interested!)
Instead I opt to go to friends’ houses, to house parties or to chill at home with a chosen few.  This way I don’t have that horrible journey home.  I love that the tubes are free but eww how much vomit and pee gets deposited on the platforms and in the trains for New Year – shudder.
Every corner seems to be littered with couples breaking up, very few with people making up.
I can leave that thanks very much.  Not my idea of fun times.
So this year I went for a walk with D through Queens Wood and Highgate Wood.  Stopped off at a café for a very late brunch, it was more like dinea or luntea, or whatever the equivalent of breakfast/lunch is when it’s lunch/tea or should I say evening meal now I am in London?
Anyway, it was lovely.  I stopped off at Sainsburys and bought a nice quantity of pink fizzy stuff – all for about the cost of getting into a pub and buying a drink, maybe two, instead I had FIVE bottles ;o)
Over Christmas I’ve gotten to know the rest of the people in my building due to a nice little Christmas party that was thrown so we saw in the New Year with them.  Gossip of the night – one of them used to go out with Pete Doherty for 5 seconds when they were knee high to grasshoppers.
I only had to stagger upstairs to bed then too – no long journey’s home for me.
It was 345am and I couldn’t sleep so I put on my headphones and danced around for a few hours.  It was fun.  And also blocked out the noise of people arguing and throwing up on the street outside.

I made no New Year’s Resolutions as I think things like that just get broken.  I quit smoking a few years ago, have no intentions of stopping drinking, could always do with losing some weight but I don’t believe in diets and if I do start to lose weight I get a little too into it and end up super skinny which just means I get every cold going so I figure a little bit more of me to love isn’t all together horrible….I hope.  I always want to see more of my friends and do more with my life to keep on living, to keep on breathing, to keep on fighting, to just be.  So I don’t need New Year for that.  But all the same HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. And I hope if you made resolutions that you don’t mind if you break them or you are successful in them.

I’m excited to see what this year will bring!!!

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