Friday, 27 January 2012

For Lord and Lady Bagshot with love.

Today I had some horrible news.

One of the nicest, kindest people I know that is one half of the sweetest couple ever………is in hospital right now having had a tumour removed from his spine.

He’s been to the doctors and sought other medical advice and all this has been missed and he’s been bed bound wondering why he was not getting better.

Well, the tumour has been removed and thank god the surgery did not cause him to lose the use of his legs or any of those high risk things. Now they have a long and lonely wait to find out if the tumour is cancerous or not. I don’t normally pray but I will be tonight!

All too often – for reasons I am not sure about – patients are being dismissed from the doctors. It’s about time that it was taken into note that if someone rarely goes to the doctors it’s got to be pretty darn serious when they do. If doctors time is too pressed then something needs to be done.

There is room for a huge rant about all things connected with people being taken seriously but it’s almost by the by.

I get so disillusioned by this world sometimes. By life! It doesn’t really play ball very well does it? I mean, so many nice people get a world of shite thrown at them and then you can see some right little scuz buckets walking around with everything seemingly going right for them. It just doesn’t add up to me. I’m not wishing anyone bad, but sometimes I don’t get the ratios that life plays with.

All I can think is that things happen for a reason and it might just take a while to realise why things have happened and to hope that all works out for the best. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people all the time – I don’t get it but I am trying to learn.

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