Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Children's House of Belsen

The Children's House at BelsenThe Children's House at Belsen by Hetty Verolme

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing book!

But what a shame it had to be written.

A part of history that is deeply shocking, even today.

A part of history that sadly is still being repeated today.

Why has the world not learnt? Why has human nature not changed?

Anyway - this book was billed as quite an uplifting story of the Holocaust. I did not believe that there could ever be such a thing. But to be sure, it is.

The horrors are there, but they are not too described, they are not quite gloss over, but it's almost like the author knew we would already know about it all, would already have seen the startling, depressing images of the beatings and the starvation.

This concentrates more on the daily trying to get by, the struggle for food and the closeness of the bonds that are formed between the children.

I normally cry at Holocaust stories, and although this was ultimately sad in places....ok it's horrific and sad full stop but there is a lovely story of survival, of friendship and good triumphing against evil.

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