Thursday, 19 January 2012

All words and no pictures!

So – all around me I hear about people struggling to make ends meet. Companies/businesses that have been going for years, that know their customers and are sometimes the only point of human contact for some of the elderly or just plain lonely….well these companies are dying or have gone. People are taking out loans hoping for things to get better but each time they hope the news reports more economic trouble.
It’s being reported that people are having to cut back on food and fuel.
This will lead to an increase of people getting ill and people dying in their cold homes.
When the government has to use public money to issue those over 65 with £100 in the winter to help heat their homes when the energy companies are making millions and billions in profit, well, you start to see just how corrupt this whole system is. Rather than the Government tackle these big companies, they are going to use public money or see elderly people die in their homes as they are too scared to turn their fire on.
Disgusting is the only word that is springing to mind here.
If you take out a loan or borrow money as a human being you expect and will be made to not just pay it back but to pay it back with interest and it would seem the more desperate and skint you are the more you have to pay back.
So why when the banks were in a desperate situation and needed to, HAD to borrow public money they do not even have to pay it back? Let alone with a huge interest attached?
Then to just add salt to the already quite horrible wound – they give themselves bonuses?
Isn’t a bonus an added extra – awarded for doing well?
If you’ve had to have a massive state bale out you really have not done well. Far from it.
When the protests against the bankers happened in London – the public were criticised but the bankers were let off for waving wads of money at the protestors below. It was their fault and that was how sorry they were!!!
It shows a really distorted, childish mentality and they are the people that are technically running the country.
The media choses to put whatever angle and slant on things that they want – keeping the nation in fear because a fearful nation is easy to control.
Poor people are richer in so many ways as it’s been true for centuries that those with little understand the need to share and look out for your fellow man but those that are rich are slightly removed from it all and less willing to dip in their pockets.
Oops was that gross generalisation – well you know what I mean and I think deep down you know that it’s true.
How does David Cameron have a single clue what it’s like for me? He lives in the Cotswolds – a beautiful part of the world and very near to where I grew up. He lives in a place where no one but the super rich and famous can afford to move to anymore. The only other way to get a house there is if you have a relative that has died…or win the lottery – again putting you into the super rich category.
He thinks he understands what it’s like to work full time, to spend 50% of my wages on putting a roof over my head…..then of course we have the soaring costs of transport, something I try not to use now, I am in a situation where I am walking wherever I can so I have some spare cash for other things. Does he ever know what it’s like to see the cupboards bare of food and knowing it’s still 6 days til pay day?
To live in a house that is costing 50% of your salary – that has a hole in the roof, that has a faulty central heating system but I can’t move because I can’t afford anywhere else due to the crazy increases in the rental market. And to buy a tiny flat – well you need a deposit of about £60K and need to have a joint income of £60 – 80K. How the hell is anyone meant to do that in this day and age?
Cameron tells us it’s our fault the economy is failing because we are not going out there and spending. That would be because we all have less money and not only that things are costing more so what little money we have isn’t going as far.
Why not ask the banks to pay back the money they owe? If they feel they can’t afford it – we’ll accept their bonuses as payment – that’s quite ok!
When you hear about a Romanian lady that was turned down for benefits in this country but was then advised to sell the big issue as she would then be eligible for £28K and housing benefit……..making her way richer than me!?!?! All I can say to that is ‘What the fuck!’
When people are squatting in properties owned by people – even lived in by other people and the law says it’s a civil matter and cannot get involved – again all I can say to that is ‘What the fuck!’ how is that not totally illegal?
When a friend had building gear stolen from their front lawn but were told an offence hadn’t been committed because they didn’t class the front lawn of their own property as being secure, that someone coming up to their front door and robbing their belongings is not a violation um sorry but you guessed it, ‘What the fuck!’
Kids are running around so disillusioned by life they are killing each other as though it means nothing. That’s our future.
And people wonder why I am seriously considering not having children. What a ‘gift’ I’d be giving them!
When public money is used the management of it is so outrageously and shockingly bad that I cannot believe my eyes and ears have the time.
When you see in the papers that it cost a hospital almost £500 to have a light fitting done you know that there is again a serious corrupt network at play here. If a business that runs on company money makes a saving then they are awarded less money the following year as they are deemed to not need it. Hardly a reward or encouragement for doing well – so it becomes in their interest to totally fritter money.
This is the major situation causing all our public funded businesses and services to be up shit creak. The management is shocking because the incentives are just not there and not enough is being done to sort it out. Time and time again the general public are asked to step in – well not asked – are made to pay more and get less. Not really a great deal and the feeling of discontent gets stronger as you realise how badly the money is being managed.
Take the situation with the tube – the company responsible for the upgrades ran out of money (mismanagement?) and demanded not just a little more but millions more. They were given it yet still didn’t finish the work and lost the contract leaving the repairs undone and the upgrades updone and never paid back a penny so where did all that money go? Wasn’t that a wise investment.
That is just one example – this happens time and time again when it is public money.
If I performed so badly in my job I wouldn’t have a job and rightly bloody so.
So why is it that this is allowed to keep on happening and has been happening for years?
I suggest Government looks at that and chews it over for a while.
That’s where the answers lie.
But seeing as they are some of the most guilty of this I don’t expect things to change any time soon.
Again – people wonder why I am contemplating not having children and why I feel more and more Grrr these days.

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