Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rarrr and a little Grrr!

Today is rant day.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Number 1 – 90% of the people I met on my walk to work today had no clue about manners. Why is this? I am old enough and young enough to know how to be polite and courteous – even to people that don’t always deserve it.

What has changed since I grew up? Well, I guess there are more broken homes and there is now no discipline in schools for kids – they have nothing to fear – they know a teacher can’t touch them and I don’t mean just physically either. Now maybe you shouldn’t rule by fear but let’s face it if you thought you would get into trouble it would be a deterrent for a lot of things.

There are kids out there today that are very well mannered – so it shows it can still be done – admittedly it seems like those numbers are dwindling but there’s enough presence there to give me a bit of hope still.

So it must be the examples set by the older generation? But if I now how to be polite then why don’t they – they are older than me and therefore should know better surely?

Number 2 – Pastry dough boy – also known as our Prime Minister.
I’ve not trained in Politics and don’t pretend to know much about the world but I do have a sense for when things are wrong. I am sick to death of MP’s moaning about the mess labour left them, whether this is true or not can be debated forever but there are two vital points here, one is that labour inherited a world of shit from the previous conservative government and so on and so forth – so it would seem like mute point – swings and roundabouts, sticks and stones. The second more important thing is – so here’s the problem, it doesn’t really matter who caused it – it is now the job of the conservative government to sort it out so stop name calling and do your job please. There are things they have tried that blatantly aren’t working – that’s ok – these things happen sometimes – but the real failure is to just carry on out of sheer bloody mindedness in not wanting to admit you got it wrong. This is a very childish and dangerous way to run a country and sadly this seems to be the way the current Government is running ours. The housing situation is a disaster and that was caused by Maggie Thatcher selling the council housing. The economy of the UK is a disaster. That was started with Maggie Thatcher breaking up industry – but I am not here to name call – it’s obvious that if you get rid of industry you lose a lot of the power a country has, you also can’t cope well when other countries you rely on go into melt down. You need to grow more of your own so to speak – be more self sufficient – people have been working this out for years so why haven’t the people that run our country? When you have families being forced into squats you know there is a serious thing going on – the Government’s solution is to put £400 million into cutting costs of buying your own home. Do they not understand that the average Jo has no money? The average Jo is being blamed for not shopping enough and it’s us that need to sort the economy out by spending more….how can we when wages for the average Jo are going down or have been frozen, when we don’t get bonuses and the food, rent, fuel, travel costs are rocketing whilst the top dogs give themselves ridiculous bonuses. The answer to this from the Government is that they never told companies to get rid of staff but it was obvious that was going to happen – the powers that be are the ones paying themselves ridiculous wages to themselves so of course they don’t want to lose that so bye bye average Jo. EVERYONE knew this was going to happen so why didn’t the Government? Are they really that out of touch? And if so then OH FUCK! As they are making the decisions about my well fare and my country. Should I pack my bags now?

Why not put people on responsible wages with responsible performance related bonuses. This would help bring down the cost of things in general. Why not put a limit on rental costs and give bad landlords massive fines for not letting out property in a good condition – this is basic needs.

The future looks horrible.

People are being brought up with way too much choice – with way too much pressure on them. The TV is full of idiots making money for being idiots – this is hardly going to breed a good nation.

When you look into the future you want to feel some hope. I don’t think this Government has done that at all and rather than admitting some things have worked they just say it’s not their fault it was the previous government. Bad management. Lazy answer. And they are running the country…….whilst the bankers carry on behaving in the way that messed the country up in the first place……….

Number 3 – For all of you out there moaning about Christmas…smile god dammit. It’s a time of good cheer to all men (and women and children), it’s a time to get into the spirit of things and try to feel a part of something.

If we hadn’t lost community it would be a much more fun affair for far more people. We would all know old Bob down the road that was lonely and invite him over for some Christmas Pud. We’d know if Aunt Flo round the corner couldn’t get out and would collect her shopping for her and maybe throw in a surprise box of mince pies. We’d gather our families and our loved ones together and that would be the true spirit of Christmas – not the hallmark holiday it’s become. Where people are getting into ridiculous debt to buy ridiculous amounts of things for their children who will just want more and more and more. But we don’t have to buy into that – we could make that change, we could make it the lovely family affair that I think it should be. Why not take this opportunity to build some bridges and mend some old ones. This year think of those that are lonely and help make them not so. Think of your family and give them the gift of some quality time together. That costs nothing but the effect will last far longer than the computer game or latest trend.

Let’s see beyond our noses and be happy!

All it takes to make this world a lovely place is for people to be kind to one another.
Sounds so simple…and yet……..

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