Friday, 25 November 2011

Tra la la

On a happier note to the other post - I just went shopping!
I have great charity stores by me.
I would never have gone in a charity store as a child but now.......

I get bored of my clothes a lot! I hate being stuck in one image - I did the mod thing for years and now love the freedom of confusing people ;o) 

Now I can give my old clothes to charity.  I can buy new clothes from there and the money will be donated to charity - a double donation and I win too.

I mean where else can you get a lovely wool blazer for a fiver!!!  Or a lovely Johnny Loves Rosie bag for the same price!

Or a magick book for 20pence - and don't for one minute try to make out I didn't need it!  I mean now I have a spell to banish bad hair days, to make people leave me alone, making friends spell - the list goes on and on!

And ok these weren't in today's purchases but they did come in the post! Well Mr Octupus anyone who knows me will know I've had for quite some time, the little cinderella coach also - the hot air balloon is my homage to Carl and Ellie from up and the Carousel - well just because I want one in my garden that I don't have so badly that this will have to do for now.

Now I do have to go and make the most of my day off work - ie go and watch lots of movies!

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