Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Smell nice and save the planet - result!

Do you remember I had a rant and I contacted all the main supermarkets in the UK to ask where my choice was as a consumer to not use Palm Oil? That it costs just pennies more to have chocolate without palm oil but no one is giving me that choice? Well, still today none of those supermarkets are giving me that choice but interestingly Sainsbury’s came out best with what they were wanting to do and things they were trying to do and the Co-op came out worst. Interesting considering this is what they are meant to be about….but…….

LUSH has come up with the only soap that does not contain Palm Oil.

This kind of proves we don’t need it!

Their prices haven’t rocketed.

Their products haven’t deteriorated.

But we will help stop the killing of Orangutans and the destruction of the rain forest which is totally vital to us being able to do that little thing called breath! So how ridiculous is it that we are even contemplating using that just to save a few pence. We are actually dying or killing ourselves, or our future just to save a few pence.

Over 69,000 acres of rainforest are being lost every day!

We should go to Lush and buy lots of lovely pretty soap and know we are helping the planet by doing so.

I hope many more shops follow the wonderful example being set by Lush.

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