Friday, 25 November 2011

Sick F*@ks

Does that sound harsh?

How about after you see this?

This is a tradition in the Faroe Islands.  Pilot Whales meet the 'civilised' species.  For this to happen once is digusting, tragic, unforgiveable.  This happens EVERY YEAR.

Apparently it makes you a man.

Now these whales are not endangered, and form a part of Denmarks diet.  But does it really have to be this brutal?

Trapping these animals and struggling with them to kill them, to let them drain free of blood into the waters.  It's quite a gory site, and little children are present being told such barbaric scenes are ok!?!

Because the Pilot Whale isn't endangered this practice has largely been left to carry on..........but times have changed so should some customs.

I would think when this started 1,000 or more years ago there were not many people living on the Faroe Islands and this meat was probably used to keep them alive all year.  Now we have much more convenient ways to go shopping so surely some 'traditions' should be left in the past.

Still not convinced?

The mercury levels in these whales is so high these days that many of the islanders are believed to be dying from consuming the whale meat and there are more and more children being born with mental health issues believed to be from eating this meat.

I guess nature is having the last laugh...........

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  1. this is very sad and its also very nasty!!! poor innnocent whales