Tuesday, 8 November 2011


So how did the House of Harlow and Winter Kate designer hone in on her enviable sense of style? "It's so hard for me to answer that question whenever I get asked!" she told WWD. "It's not that deep for me, it's whatever I feel comfortable in at that time. I really look at fashion as a form of self-expression, so just like how your moods change, my fashion choices change all the time."

The above is a conversation that a magazine had with Nicole Richie and it made me laugh! The reason she finds it so hard to answer that is because she has a stylist.  Because she has someone else design all her clothes for her clothing line and it's the power of her name that helps sell it not her design skills.  I have found only one interview where Nicole was asked if she actually drew the designs and she had to confess that no she didn't but that she did approve every item that went into the line.  So that means she went 'Yes', 'No', 'Maybe'.  Hmmmm.

Recently her publishers confirmed that she does not write her books.  Shock horror oh my gosh blow me down with a feather I never saw that one coming *rolls eyes*.  This was quickly glossed over and now she doesn't really seem to be asked about her writing much.

This is because she has a PR team that work for her.  They will swoop in on any interview that she does saying what will be allowed and not allowed in the questioning.  And this is why you find that 'stars' that represent themselves can come unstuck.

I am not picking on Nicole here - just saying it like it is because I am sick of people pretending to be super woman and making people feel they too can have all this if they just manage their time properly - that they too should be achieving all this.  It puts a lot of pressure on young girls and working mom's when really it is all a lie.

Most 'celebrities' are guilty of this but they get so tied up in that world or feeling like they are priveledged and in many cases only having 'yes men' around them that reality can get blurred.

Many will jump on the bandwagon about being 'green' and 'eco friendly' and denouncing plastic but then you see them with their plastic juice bottles and huge SUV cars.  Didn't Bono once even fly a hat out to himself!?! Nice!

I think it's really unfair to put such a false image of yourself out there.  To lie so blatantly and for the world to buy into it.

So many of these 'famous' women have had so much work done and have so much done to look the way they do and have a huge team of people working with them to get to look the way we think they do and then tell the world they should love themselves and not let bullies get them down and to be who they really are.  Scuse me whilst I fall about laughing at their hypocricy.

It seems that this world has very little to do with talent and hard work for the most part and all to do with what class you were born into, how much money you have and more importantly not what you know but who you know (or what your Daddies surname is).

It saddens me so much that this is the sort of thing that we hold up in high esteem when it's all lies.

I just want this to be an honest and fair world.

Sadly it seems like I'm asking the earth!!!!!


  1. Totally, completely 100% agreed. I did a fashion internship and degree and I know how much work goes into producing a label. Caprice claims that she 'does the leg work' on her lingerie label which is utter bullshit. Its no wonder people think Fashion isn't a real industry that's hard work and a craft.

  2. Ah I feel even more for people like you that have really put the work in - it really does my head in!!!