Monday, 24 October 2011

So not fair!!!!

I know someone you probably missed.

Come on, who hasn’t thought that?

I know it seems wrong but at the end of the day we all want to be doing OK – we all want to feel that this word is fair and that we will get what we deserve and then we sit back and put the news on and find some low life has won the lottery and some kind old soul has been brutally murdered.

These sorts of things happen all the time.

And one of the harshest and truest things about life is that it is just not fair.

So um, well, how do you keep going? How do you keep striving to be the better person if Karma is being lazy?

Life gives to those that take control in life – I think it’s meant to mean if you try really hard to better yourself then life will give you rewards but sometimes I take it to mean if you steal then you will get things if you work really hard you will probably just lose it all in old age and not be eligible for anything.


Well yes.

How can you not be?

How can you not think bad thoughts sometimes?

But that’s just it – it doesn’t get you anywhere does it. It doesn’t change a thing. And it won’t change a thing.

But I have found some inner (and outer) peace by believing that the person that has done me wrong or is doing wrong will get his/hers once Karma remembers to get back to work.

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