Friday, 28 October 2011

I don't want your money honey

Is it possible to live without money? Is it possible to really get by with all the things you need? It's probably easier than we think to cut down on what we need to spend money on but I always feel we kindof need our own property and a bit of our own land to do so.  If you are stuck paying rent then you are pretty much screwed for cash these days it would seem.

And of course the materialisitic culture we have all bred and been bred into does of course mean that we get a bit confused by what is important and what we really need.  We've also forgotten a lot about how to get by without having to just chuck out and buy new things all the time, we don't really 'fix' things much anymore and it's easier to go to the shops than go and grow our own veg' but it's not nearly as rewarding.

Times are tough and the only good thing I can see to come out of all this is that maybe some of us will start working as a team more and starting to be a little more self sufficient.  In the meantime....this is kindof what my ideal place would look like.....maybe a few of them around for friends and family to live in and we'd all have our own little patch of land.

This sort of house would be absolutely perfect - of course in my typical hypocritical state I'd probably need two - one for my stuff and one for me!

The lighting inside would be like this above - it would feel like fireflies and would feel magical.

Now could you really handle this bathroom? It's intersesting but would really be painful if you were feeling a bit hungover - still there's something about it.

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