Monday, 31 October 2011

Glass Feet

I can’t today – my feet are cold. I can’t do things when my feet are cold. I just, I don’t know, it’s not like I freeze but I kind of do. Do you understand what I mean? No, I don’t suppose you do.

Does anyone?

Am I alone in my thinking or just alone in thinking I am alone? I guess we all feel the same sometimes?

The better the things appear – well, are we just learning to fake it better and better?

Would that be to say that no one is truly happy? That would be a really silly thing to say.

I just don’t think any of us are quite as happy as we sometimes make out we are.

Which in turn means we are never quite as unhappy as we say we are either.

Some people just like to moan.

And some people just like to pretend.

Which are you? Do you pretend? I think sometimes that maybe that is the way to go but then inevitably you have days where you realise your whole world is fake and fickle and it’s just another thing you have been pretending.

The world is full of hypocrisies. Nothing like human nature for hypocritical behaviour. Take these celebrities that pretend they are like SO happy with the way they look and just think you should be kind to your self and then you find out the nut job diets they go on, how hungry they normally are, what a state their body is in and all the plastic surgery they have done.

Or the books they claim to have written.

Or the fashion lines they claim to design.

Or the perfumes they pretend to create.

All the ‘friends’ they claim to have.

The list goes on and on and on.

But you? Well you the average Jo who works 9 – 5, scrap that no doubt works 8 – 6 and barely gets by, but you, if you have some real friends, if you wrote that book or did that drawing……maybe you actually have more! Did you ever think about it like that?

Maybe you really don’t have to live in this pretend world where your name and face is just a brand.

You really can just be you! Real. Cold feet and all!

Friday, 28 October 2011

I don't want your money honey

Is it possible to live without money? Is it possible to really get by with all the things you need? It's probably easier than we think to cut down on what we need to spend money on but I always feel we kindof need our own property and a bit of our own land to do so.  If you are stuck paying rent then you are pretty much screwed for cash these days it would seem.

And of course the materialisitic culture we have all bred and been bred into does of course mean that we get a bit confused by what is important and what we really need.  We've also forgotten a lot about how to get by without having to just chuck out and buy new things all the time, we don't really 'fix' things much anymore and it's easier to go to the shops than go and grow our own veg' but it's not nearly as rewarding.

Times are tough and the only good thing I can see to come out of all this is that maybe some of us will start working as a team more and starting to be a little more self sufficient.  In the meantime....this is kindof what my ideal place would look like.....maybe a few of them around for friends and family to live in and we'd all have our own little patch of land.

This sort of house would be absolutely perfect - of course in my typical hypocritical state I'd probably need two - one for my stuff and one for me!

The lighting inside would be like this above - it would feel like fireflies and would feel magical.

Now could you really handle this bathroom? It's intersesting but would really be painful if you were feeling a bit hungover - still there's something about it.

Monday, 24 October 2011

So not fair!!!!

I know someone you probably missed.

Come on, who hasn’t thought that?

I know it seems wrong but at the end of the day we all want to be doing OK – we all want to feel that this word is fair and that we will get what we deserve and then we sit back and put the news on and find some low life has won the lottery and some kind old soul has been brutally murdered.

These sorts of things happen all the time.

And one of the harshest and truest things about life is that it is just not fair.

So um, well, how do you keep going? How do you keep striving to be the better person if Karma is being lazy?

Life gives to those that take control in life – I think it’s meant to mean if you try really hard to better yourself then life will give you rewards but sometimes I take it to mean if you steal then you will get things if you work really hard you will probably just lose it all in old age and not be eligible for anything.


Well yes.

How can you not be?

How can you not think bad thoughts sometimes?

But that’s just it – it doesn’t get you anywhere does it. It doesn’t change a thing. And it won’t change a thing.

But I have found some inner (and outer) peace by believing that the person that has done me wrong or is doing wrong will get his/hers once Karma remembers to get back to work.

Love the video love the song - could be controversial!