Tuesday, 13 September 2011

To pill...or not to pill, now ain't that the million dollar question!

Read this link.

Now the scientist in question finds this 'exciting'. Am I the only one to find it scary?

I've read SO much mind blowing stuff about the contraceptive pill that I wish I had never taken it. Yes, I really do mean that and I really do feel that strongly about that statement. So much so I put my money where my mouth is and I no longer take it.

As any follower of this blog knows I had a really horrendous time with some very troublesome fibroids. As you will know I wrote about how 3 out of 5 women are on the pill and 3 out of 5 women have fibroids.....hmmmm but of course there is no link......

Then I got given a new packet of pills. A new brand and what do you know, sneaked into the instructions/health warning list it says that if you have had trouble with fibroids you should be very closely monitored by your doctor whilst taking those pills.

Hmmmm....interesting - especially when every Doctor I have asked denies a link.

So, long story short - it changes you physically. We've heard about the weight gain etc so at least from that point of view we know it to be true.

Now they are saying it changes your memory!

There's been many jokes about women being crazy at certain times of the month, and come on, lets be honest here, if men had to go through what we did each month there would be far more wars in this world.....anyway - I digress. Emotions and feelings are really what make you different from each other (apart from the physical of course but you know what I mean) and this pill that is so freely given out with hardly any consultation - well, this pill can and does change all that.

And it's thought to be exciting.

It scares me. Not just because of what it does but because the pill has been available since the 60's and is so widely prescribed but this has only just been found out. The tests done on the pill have only been for really short term use - it's scary that something so mainstream is so untested.

Generally people are starting to be a little more self aware of the food they eat and the air that they breathe but these things that the doctor is prescribing and the girl takes in good faith.....well it's totally changing who you are.

Sounds dramatic?

Well I know of many women that have stopped taking the pill because it's made them 'crazy', 'psycho'....you can laugh but these are words that women are using about themselves.

It makes me feel like women are being used as guinea pigs here and most don't realise it. Would you want to take a pill where there have been few tests and the tests that have been done are only for people taking the pill for a maximum of 2 years. (Most women will take this for 15 - 20 years). Would you want to put so much faith into something so untested and so damaging to the core being that you are?

Add the damage that is happening to men due to the amount of estrogen from the pill that is in the drinking water...believe me I think we are only just scratching the surface with this one.

Put like that it makes me wonder how many other drugs we are handed like smarties that are 'safe' that are really messing us up!


  1. i hate pills, but that being said i take a few, Ive told me doctors that for me to take some new med that she wants to try on me, i do not want to know the side effects, which the list of possible side effects are virtually endless.
    As for the birth control pill, if opted for the condoms vs those side effects thaat my wife(may) experience. I wish such things were properly taught in a health class in schools.

    btw.. I hope your feeling well over there :)

  2. I totally agree with you! I have tried 3 different types in the past but never lasted longer than 4 months on each, they just made me feel awful in every way. I still feel like I have to suffer repercussions from taking them, and I stopped 2 years ago. I only went on them because everyone said is was the responsible thing to do (because contraception as we know is the WOMANS responsibility!) and now I regret ever going on them...

  3. It's interesting you say that Nadja. I had intense leg pains when I first stopped which kindof shows it's toxic. I hope you are free from all that soon. And John - so nice to hear of a guy that will take responsibility.