Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thinly veiled message

You know when you grow up with someone – they know your secrets (or at least some of them) and you know theirs (or at least some of them) and you’ve shared things. Some good and some bad. Some things best forgotten and some things forever remembered.

There should be some kind of code.

Some kind of unspoken promise.

That life moves on and we all grow and sometimes we grow together and sometimes we grow apart but when you’ve had that kind of bond at some point then there should always be some form of respect.

That should be unspoken – there should be no need to make sure such a code is in place – it should just happen.

It’s called common decency.

It’s called respect.


Growing up.

Being in control of your emotions.

As we grow older and settle down, other things become important, other things take up some of our time, some of it good, some of it bad, but most of it essential.

You’ll have other people to consider, you can’t just be about self anymore.

If you are it turns you into a bit of an asshole.

If every decision you have to make, whether you choose to, whether you get given an ultimatum, whether it’s just because it’s the way things have to be, whatever those reasons are…..accept it.

DON’T go around behaving like you are so hard done by and trying to make everyone else feel bad.

DON’T keep shifting the goalposts until you can worm your way out of responsibility.

DON’T make someone else feel bad for your life choices.

DON’T belittle someone and play on knowing how to pull their strings just so you can not have to be adult and accept responsibility.

DON’T make someone else question their choices just because you are uncomfortable with some of yours.

DON’T make someone feel bad or responsible for your life.

DON’T dismiss all your own responsibilities and keep pointing the finger at others when you should probably be looking in the mirror.

There are some good life lessons here for everyone to be fair. We all have moments of questioning things but we should be questioning ourselves and our own actions and making sure we are doing the right thing for this world and those we have chosen to put in our own little corner of it.

If we all concentrate on being the best people we can and making our corner of the world the best it can be it would be a lovely world now wouldn’t it.

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