Friday, 2 September 2011

It's a cruel cruel world

I saw a picture in the paper today of a young child dressed up like a Marilyn Monroe but with some not so human coloured skin.

I covered up the story and asked a colleague how old they thought the person in the picture was – they replied saying a young teenager.

The child in question was 4.

The child in question was under the instruction of her parent at a beauty pageant where she not only had the most ridiculous coloured skin from fake tan I presume or a tonne of make up, speaking of there was so much slap on her eyes and lips and not to mention the fake boobs…..yes you heard me…..4 years old and fake boobs – she also wears a fake arse! Her mom thinks it’s just an ‘extra bonus.'

I won’t yet tell you what I think yet.

I then saw an article about how a Mother gives her 4 year old fake tanning sessions ‘Because it makes her feel better.’

I then heard that a tanning shop had opened up offering tans for 16 month old babies and above.

You’d like to think this was some sort of joke that someone had forgotten all about the punch line but alas this is real life. This is the product of some parents that think this is what? Cool? Looks good? Is healthy? How can anyone be so god damn stupid as to think that!?!?!?!

Have we not seen enough evidence on the news that these thing spawn unhealthy obsessions and images in children and even more worryingly some of the sickos that are out there, seriously – I know this might sound harsh but to me the parents that are exposing their very young children to such things are almost posting pictures of their child straight into the world of paedophilia!

I do not and never will understand why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to put such morals into a very small childs head. I will never understand why we think it’s ok to judge each other on looks – this world is fickle enough – why go out of your way to feed into that!? Why would you want to make your child feel it’s all about the winning and all about the looks and all about how ‘pretty’ they can make themselves, how it’s important to look as adult as possible – where the hell is their childhood? Surely children today are growing up too fast as it is – which spawns generations of young adults with children’s minds ill equipped for the adult world they have been thrust into.

I know each parent generally thinks their child is the most beautiful thing ever but this is a trend that to me is quite positively sick, disgusting and very very wrong.

I do not blame the child one little bit. The audiences, the organisers and the parents are the ones that I hold wholly responsible here....I'll even say I see this as a form of child abuse.

Alas I think there will be a lot more tears and god knows what else spilt before anything is really done about this – if ever.

Let the children be children.

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