Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Eat my shorts - a letter to the Government

It makes me sad to feel that the future once excited me, now it scares me. Most of this is due to having a string of bad governments. All my life it would seem that bad choices have been made. Running a country can’t be an easy job but surely lessons should be learnt somewhere.

I am so bored of hearing ‘well it’s the mess we inherited from the previous government’ truth be known, they probably inherited a mess from the last lot in power and so on and so forth. But doesn’t all this seem a little childish for people that have the power to ‘run a country.’!?!

And that’s just it, you are meant to be running a country. Running implies moving forwards as well. Instead I feel you are running this country into the ground.

The Conservative party has been known in the past for looking after the rich. I feel that the rich have the power at all times no matter which government, but the Conservative party do seem to be making this fact very obvious.

Mistakes have been made in so many areas that it’s no wonder the youth, and many adults feel so disillusioned and so let down.

People have been donating money to help children have access to books because the libraries are shutting and the schools are failing. This is beyond a travesty. Basic teaching should enable a child to read.

The family unit should help here too but alas the family unit has splintered and fallen apart. Many good parents are being forced to have both parties working full time just to try to make ends meet, so of course the child’s up bringing is going to fail.

This is our future. Yet somewhere it’s not deemed worthy of investing in properly? Sorry, but it should never have fallen so far in the first place.

Latch key kids were meant to be a thing of the past but sadly it’s becoming more and more common. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that kids need to feel like they belong, so what do they do? The form their own families, I think they get called ‘Gangs’ these days. Many don’t have real male role models in their lives and look to musicians and quite often footballers for that leadership. Let’s just reflect on that! In the newspapers all too often are the unrealistic, slightly gross wages that men earn for playing football. The headlines are filled with stories of rape, abuse, fights, infidelities and excess. This does not set a good moral example or a good code to live by and certainly does not breed respect for women. It gives no indication of working hard for the things you want either. Basic moral fibre, if you will.

As a country we have one of the most expensive child care costs in the world. We have had a lot of cheap labour occurring in this country since joining the EU and this has pushed employer’s perspective into the dark ages. They feel they can pay low wages, as there are many so desperate to work for it that they will accept this and live 10 to a room. Or work illegally without paying taxes. This makes it hard for the honest citizen to get a job that will pay for the extortionate rents, the rocketing price of food, the greedily rising costs of fuel, for the house and for the car. The basic cost of living is increasing rapidly and unrealistically. On top of this people are being taxed more. Wages are being frozen, or cut. Starting salaries are down right unrealistic with many full time jobs having hours cut to save the big boss some money but making the common lay man close to the edge of what is morally acceptable standards of living.

This country became one where people would buy their own homes. The majority of Europe rent and have suitable laws in place to make them protected. This country does not. The cost of housing spiralled out of control and this has not changed. More and more people are being forced to rent. What has been done to acknowledge this change? What has been done to protect people from landlords? What has the government done to protect its people? It’s future, past and present? Shelter has started an amazing campaign. I suggest the Government gets on board and does everything they can to get the correct laws in place, and fast. Rents should be realistic. Especially in this time of economic crisis. Times are really hard. You do not understand this fully from your ivory towers, if you did you would not be allowing the Electricity, Gas, Rents and Transport costs to rise as they are. These rises are due mainly to greed and bad management. Why should the general public be made, yet again, to pick up the pieces for things out of their control. Lives are not to be played with, it is not a game, there is no clearing the board and starting again.

A basic right when you are paying for a property is to expect the basic repairs to be done, to expect privacy, no harassment and to live in peace and relative comfort. If you are renting you have rights but the minute you try to exercise them your landlord has the right to evict you. This is disgusting. Digest that. Pay all this money and have no way of safely living in basic standards of accommodation. If I was running a country that allowed that I would be deeply ashamed of myself.

Recently a report indicated that the service of the London Underground was pretty bad. The punctuality and reliability was bad. Fare increases keep going up and up and up. Passengers are promised a better service and air conditioning etc etc, a little happens but nothing much but still the fares rise and rise and rise. The current state of the transport system is embarrassing and should be offering people discounts but instead you yet again see fit to strike those really hard enough off as it is to increase the fares by another 7%. Disgusting does not even come close to explain this.

As a country out transportation system is failing, in its service and in its costs. What is being done? Yes, that’s right, even more unrealistic fare increases.

I feel that every time the hard working, lower paid people are made to pay for the richer people or more powerful people’s mistakes.

The whole banking crisis has been beyond rude. People were prosecuted for making a stand. Nothing has been done about the bankers that have gambled people’s lives away. Some bankers sat in their offices waving wads of money at the protesters, infuriating them. But I guess we are just not worthy of a voice.

The majority of the country is not doing very well financially. You should look after and invest in the masses, not the few.

Your policies are failing. You are failing. The country if failing. My faith is gone. I hear your words but I don’t hear that you care; I don’t feel that you care. I hear the voice of the teacher from Charlie Brown. And that is ‘our’ leader.

Doesn’t fill you with hope!

The general feeling is of being lost. Great leadership, even mediocre leadership should unite people it should never leave them wandering and lost.

I wish you would think about that and act accordingly.

My biggest fear is knowing that you will just carry on blah blah blahing your way through government whilst the majority just get thrown over board with not so much as a life jacket. Sink or swim. The general public does not stand a chance in such shark infested waters.

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