Saturday, 27 August 2011


I love rainbows! And last night I was treated to not one, but's the one good thing about a storm.  And yes I do always still search for the other end of the rainbow.  Where all your dreams are meant to come true? Or where your doppleganger is living out the opposite of your life? Well those were the two tales that I was always told as a child, I never really believed in the pot of gold - I wanted more........and the other life thing seemed to be that 'more'.  Could you imagine seeing someone that looked just like you living out the opposite of your life? Do you think they would be happy or sad? Would it be just as mixed as your own life really (well yeah I am guessing so) but would you want that life more? Or imagine if it was like all those choices you had, and whatever you chose you had to live with so the life at the other end of the rainbow would be a person just like you living out all the other choices! That would be the most amazing thing ever.  Or would really rub salt in the wounds because if you could see something and think 'Ah man I should've done that one' you'd never actually be able to go back and change that.  So I guess that yet again proves my point about how you should never have regrets.  Treat anything bad as a learning curve, as I say some curves are steeper than others but they are normally where you learn the most, and learning things is good, right, it doesn't feel that way when you are forced to go to school but once you don't have to go to school anymore learning can be a whole lot of fun.......and things generally do happen for a reason - and everything good and bad that has happened to you has made you the person you are today and believe it or not that is usually a good thing.......give or take a few exceptions, but maybe they just made those bad choices for a while.  Either way I still feel really happy when I see a rainbow.

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