Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Nobody is perfect gasp horror

So there is a major hoo-harr about the Vogue photos of Kate Moss’s wedding. Apparently too much photoshop and airbrushing was used. Well yeah, that was blatantly apparent when I saw the photos of this flawless skinned Kate. We all know that she has anything but flawless skin and has been that way for quite some time. I am not saying that this makes her ugly or anything like that – just stating that it’s funny that they still bother to airbrush her as we all know she’s far more Gillian Taylforth than her image in the press.

But wait – STOP PRESS – it wasn’t a comment made at the ridiculously airbrushed face of Kate but at her daughters fingers. They had shaved off half of Lila’s fingers. Well um does that not actually mean they were probably airbrushing Kate’s back to make her appear smaller, as come on why would a young child need her hands airbrushed – it’s not like she is going to have liver spots. Surely the real issue here should be that Kate Moss miss major skinny youth that is now a major skinny adult with a slight beer belly – surely the big issue is that they thought they needed to make her appear smaller?

I’m so tired…bored and tired of the way this idea of perfection is sold to us all. It’s dangerous and like a little fairytale. The people in the pictures bares a slight resemblance to the actual person yet we are all fed these images, making many people crave perfection (which does not exist people….and thank god) but people go out of their way to buy all these new cosmetics and treatments, many even turn to surgery….think about it – the stress of surgery on your body is huge and people are paying to have work done, work that doesn’t really improve people that much it just starts to give us an alien nation.

There’s been some half arsed issues going on in the press about images that look ‘too perfect’ – but it amazes me that for all the false images and the dangerously thin and weird looking people it is creating the big out cry is Lila Moss’s fingers!

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