Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dans Le Noir

Can you guess what it might be? It’s a restaurant……they serve the food in the dark, in fact the whole place is in the dark and the waiters/waitresses have special goggles on so that they can serve you the food on the plate rather than all over you and everyone else I presume.

Now there’s something very lovely about thinking about going on a date with someone and sitting there not being able to see them and just focus on their personality, it’s something that if only we could all do in real life – if the personality was the thing that really mattered but um food?

Maybe I am paranoid but for one I’d be really bloody scared about what I am being given to eat. I can be quite fussy about how things are cooked too so does this mean I would have to keep touching my food to see if it was cooked how I like it? Does this mean that I will end up stabbing my arm as often as I stab my food as I flail blindly with my fork?

I have been known to knock over a glass or two when I can see fully in the light – this is just surely asking for a major disaster…soggy food and feet all round.

How do you see to go to the toilet? How do you find your seat again afterwards? Will you end up peeing in the broom cupboard by mistake? Will you end up sitting in the lap of a stranger thinking it is your seat? Is it a field day for thieves? Will you end up getting to know totally random people as you sit back down at the wrong table and commence conversation?

Or would the smells and tastes totally overwhelm you and transport you into some foody type heaven? Textures of food can be really off putting and some flavours can be really overpowering in a way that just baffles your mind. Is this the point? I guess so. I personally would be WAY too paranoid to sit and relax and enjoy such a meal. I am intrigued though.

Then I realise for some people every meal time must be like this. Not just for some novelty factor.

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