Saturday, 27 August 2011


I love rainbows! And last night I was treated to not one, but's the one good thing about a storm.  And yes I do always still search for the other end of the rainbow.  Where all your dreams are meant to come true? Or where your doppleganger is living out the opposite of your life? Well those were the two tales that I was always told as a child, I never really believed in the pot of gold - I wanted more........and the other life thing seemed to be that 'more'.  Could you imagine seeing someone that looked just like you living out the opposite of your life? Do you think they would be happy or sad? Would it be just as mixed as your own life really (well yeah I am guessing so) but would you want that life more? Or imagine if it was like all those choices you had, and whatever you chose you had to live with so the life at the other end of the rainbow would be a person just like you living out all the other choices! That would be the most amazing thing ever.  Or would really rub salt in the wounds because if you could see something and think 'Ah man I should've done that one' you'd never actually be able to go back and change that.  So I guess that yet again proves my point about how you should never have regrets.  Treat anything bad as a learning curve, as I say some curves are steeper than others but they are normally where you learn the most, and learning things is good, right, it doesn't feel that way when you are forced to go to school but once you don't have to go to school anymore learning can be a whole lot of fun.......and things generally do happen for a reason - and everything good and bad that has happened to you has made you the person you are today and believe it or not that is usually a good thing.......give or take a few exceptions, but maybe they just made those bad choices for a while.  Either way I still feel really happy when I see a rainbow.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Aw Vivienne Vivienne Vivienne

If I tell you that I love you Vivienne will you at least give me these mighty fine pair of shoes.  They are almost the perfect shoe.........I saw almost because I am 5'10" with a busted back (slight exaggeration in one of those facts) so I can't wear the heels....Vivienne oh vivienne please make these in flats and let me be a walking advert for you amazing bits of foot candy!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Fury Nellyphant

Oh yes! It looks like a super wise little old man elephant doesn't it!  It's the intact and perfectly (almost) preserved remains of a little bubby wooly mammoth.

A fury baby elephant.

You surely understand by now that I love elephants so the fluffy ones are extra special.

It blows my mind to think how many thousands....maybe millions of years ago this little thing was actually alive and breathing air and running around.  And here it is on display.

There has been talking of trying to reintroduce such a species to the world today - now as much as there is a part of me that wants to jump up and down clapping in a demented fashion - I think this is wrong and a really bad idea - some things are meant to be left in the past.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

In Your Face!

Read it.
Ingest it.
Digest it.
Think about it.

How does that make you feel? Do you think about the times that you've got pissed off at someone for giving you a bit of attitude - or the times someone has given you attitude and you think 'Damn they just don't understand!'

As much as we all like to think we are different....and in our own sweet ways we sure are unique....but we are all very much the same too.

We cry tears.  We bleed blood.  We hurt.

But we also love and we also laugh.

Suffering brings with it a deep understanding, which makes you feel compasionate, emphatic.  We need the suffering to really be human.

And sometimes we really shouldn't be so quick to judge.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lumi love love LOVE

Are words really necessary? Ok then, how about Elephant.  Panda. Cute.  Want. Love. It.

But alas the reviews of them have been terrible so I am quietly licking my paws feeling not so bad that I haven't got them all but still quietly lusting like mad over them.  My little Lumi Family.

Nobody is perfect gasp horror

So there is a major hoo-harr about the Vogue photos of Kate Moss’s wedding. Apparently too much photoshop and airbrushing was used. Well yeah, that was blatantly apparent when I saw the photos of this flawless skinned Kate. We all know that she has anything but flawless skin and has been that way for quite some time. I am not saying that this makes her ugly or anything like that – just stating that it’s funny that they still bother to airbrush her as we all know she’s far more Gillian Taylforth than her image in the press.

But wait – STOP PRESS – it wasn’t a comment made at the ridiculously airbrushed face of Kate but at her daughters fingers. They had shaved off half of Lila’s fingers. Well um does that not actually mean they were probably airbrushing Kate’s back to make her appear smaller, as come on why would a young child need her hands airbrushed – it’s not like she is going to have liver spots. Surely the real issue here should be that Kate Moss miss major skinny youth that is now a major skinny adult with a slight beer belly – surely the big issue is that they thought they needed to make her appear smaller?

I’m so tired…bored and tired of the way this idea of perfection is sold to us all. It’s dangerous and like a little fairytale. The people in the pictures bares a slight resemblance to the actual person yet we are all fed these images, making many people crave perfection (which does not exist people….and thank god) but people go out of their way to buy all these new cosmetics and treatments, many even turn to surgery….think about it – the stress of surgery on your body is huge and people are paying to have work done, work that doesn’t really improve people that much it just starts to give us an alien nation.

There’s been some half arsed issues going on in the press about images that look ‘too perfect’ – but it amazes me that for all the false images and the dangerously thin and weird looking people it is creating the big out cry is Lila Moss’s fingers!

Friday, 12 August 2011

This is all you ever need to know about me

And there is something about this room that has me totally fascinated and I really really want to make it my own.  I am realising just how important your surroundings can be for your state of mind, well being and basica calm!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dans Le Noir

Can you guess what it might be? It’s a restaurant……they serve the food in the dark, in fact the whole place is in the dark and the waiters/waitresses have special goggles on so that they can serve you the food on the plate rather than all over you and everyone else I presume.

Now there’s something very lovely about thinking about going on a date with someone and sitting there not being able to see them and just focus on their personality, it’s something that if only we could all do in real life – if the personality was the thing that really mattered but um food?

Maybe I am paranoid but for one I’d be really bloody scared about what I am being given to eat. I can be quite fussy about how things are cooked too so does this mean I would have to keep touching my food to see if it was cooked how I like it? Does this mean that I will end up stabbing my arm as often as I stab my food as I flail blindly with my fork?

I have been known to knock over a glass or two when I can see fully in the light – this is just surely asking for a major disaster…soggy food and feet all round.

How do you see to go to the toilet? How do you find your seat again afterwards? Will you end up peeing in the broom cupboard by mistake? Will you end up sitting in the lap of a stranger thinking it is your seat? Is it a field day for thieves? Will you end up getting to know totally random people as you sit back down at the wrong table and commence conversation?

Or would the smells and tastes totally overwhelm you and transport you into some foody type heaven? Textures of food can be really off putting and some flavours can be really overpowering in a way that just baffles your mind. Is this the point? I guess so. I personally would be WAY too paranoid to sit and relax and enjoy such a meal. I am intrigued though.

Then I realise for some people every meal time must be like this. Not just for some novelty factor.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bubble Tea

At last - I got to try some bubble tea!

Lovely! If not a little sickly towards the end.  The black balls at the bottom of the tea are like chewing on eyeballs and the clear ones are full of liquid that explode in your mouth.  It's interesting and of course my new favorite thing.