Thursday, 14 July 2011

Up All Night

Well, no I wasn't I went to bed and got awoken this morning by my friend Carl wanting me to get up and give him a second opinion on the new blink-182 song that was released at 1am.

So I dragged my sorry self out of bed.

You might not be excited about the new blink-182 song but I really really am.


Right, my opinion, musically it's very interesting.  I like the lyrics.  A lovely welcome back to the Delonge and Hoppus delivery but..................(I really didn't want there to be one but.....) The chorus is pure AVA.  The delivery of the verse sounds like both have breathing difficulties, gaspy.  I'm on my 3rd listen but it sounds like someone keeps trying to turn it down at times, I thought maybe it was me trying to wake up but nope it really does happen.  I don't have time to pin point where but see if you can hear it, it's kindof when Tom sings '...all these demons' each time!

Overall.........I am excited, it's going to really grow on me I know it but right now, I am sorry but I'm kindof wanting +44 back.

OK I always want +44 back haha but yeah, I feel it fell a little flat.  Looking forward to the album though.

I am glad they are back.  It will grow on already is.  But I fear this is not the blink I know and love....I am really hoping they prove me wrong.  I wanted this song to blow me away - it hasn't done that yet - but with an album full of new songs on its way I have hope.

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