Thursday, 14 July 2011

Stitch n Bitch

So, the top two were actually a dress I'd bought that ended up being a bit obscene when it was on so I took the top and bottom apart, put elastic in the skirt and hey presto not so obscene anymore and took the top, bought some new fabric and made a skirt type piece from that - stitched it together and voila, one skirt and one dress, both of a much more reasonable length.  Geez, that makes me sound so old but really no one and I repeat no one looks good with their ass hanging out of their clothes!!!

I then made this, the top is a nice peach fabric with a gold glittery fleck in it.  I liked the fabric I used for the bottom half so much, I then made a complete dress out of it.  All in one weekend - go me ;op

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