Monday, 18 July 2011

So...I've been thinking......

Sometimes you gotta realise if you didn’t get nervous, if you didn’t sometimes get sick to your stomach, wake up with cold sweats or just not be able to sleep at all – well you just don’t really care about what it is that’s going through your mind.
You have to feel this, really FEEL it to know you want it. To know it’s worth fighting for.
If you didn’t care, it wouldn’t matter and you wouldn’t worry.

You have to go through this so you know you want it. Keeps you hungry. Makes you think. You thrash out every little detail.
But be careful what you put out there, don’t go being negative just because you are used to being that way – put positive things out there into the atmosphere, send good things out to the universe, it’s worth it isn’t it I mean you just never know!
Above all, believe in yourself – realise those gut feelings are there for a reason.
You alone choose your fate.
You alone believe in your future.
Your only constraints are the ones your mind puts on you, you know.
So get out there, live a little. Be Free!


  1. I love it. Similar stuff on my blog I wrote today get the read u will like it.. every person knows that they are wrong but we love this word BLAME


  2. Thank you so much - sorry I have only just seen this. Your blog is great btw. And good point!!