Saturday, 16 July 2011

A simple gesture and a kind word

You have to excuse the state of my desk - it's a bit like the state of my mind....chaotic.  But isn't the plant lovely! It's huge, in a lovely terracota pot and has a lovely subtle floral scent.

It might look like tonnes of other plants to you but this one has a lovely little message attached (and I don't mean the card that came with it).

Earlier in the week a couple of Spanish ladies arrived at work.  As I was getting ready to leave work and meet my boyfriend, they asked me if I could phone a taxi for them.  Which I did, they guy on the other end of the phone blatantly didn't want to help them, even though it was something their work had pre-arranged.  To cut a long story short, I stayed late, only by about 25 minutes, to help these ladies get back to their hotel, to arrange a lift for them the following morning and suggest moving hotel.  The next day I helped them out with a couple of other things.  All quite small gestures really and I thought nothing more of it.  Just before the ladies left at the end of the week they gave me the above plant to say thankyou.   I was bowled over.  So sweet, and so uncalled for but how lovely.  Turns out the day they landed in the UK everything had been going wrong, everything seemed to be going against them, people weren't being friendly and it was all just going a bit tits up to be honest, and mine was a small gesture but gave them a little lift at the end of the day.

So my point here is this......if someone snaps at you - don't let it get you down - you never know what that person may have been going through.  If you can help someone, why not just take a second or two out of your day to help - you never know just how much you might be cheering someone up - how your little action might turn someone's worst day ever into being an ok day.


  1. Thats soo cool, i love when that happens :)i like being able to help others also

  2. It's so sweet isn't it - to be actually thanked when you really don't need to be ;o)

  3. It's so sweet isn't it - to be actually thanked when you really don't need to be ;o)