Monday, 4 July 2011

Oh whatever.........

I am sick and tired, tired and sick bored and bored and bored of the whole beauty debate.

The fact we are still debating it not only says there is still a problem which is beyond sad but also that we are all still buying into it.

If we weren’t, there would be nothing to debate.

The sad truth is that I don’t think this will ever go away.

We all know that beauty if within – well the true true beauty that is really worthwhile but alas you don’t see that on first viewing. It can be what makes you go back but it’s not the thing that attracts you first time round most of the time.

It’s a harsh and unfair reality but that is, my friends, the sort of world we live in.

If we could only looking inside someone then maybe we’d actually get to see more than they had for dinner, wouldn’t it be good if the good guys had hearts that glowed pink or red and the bad people had no glow or their heart glowed black, and by guys I mean people, you girls are included too.

Just at a quick flicker of eye contact we would know if someone was worth bothering about or not.

The values we place on things and people are messed up. Beyond any words I could type. To the point that if you had a quick glance at me you would see a pink heart for “Yay” I am one of the good guys but you’d see it in two pieces.

I hate how films make out that someone is ugly if they wear glasses and braces and once their true beauty is realised they lose the glasses and braces.

If someone is the funny but unlucky in love person they will be shown as fat.

This makes me mad.

I want a lovely personality over fake boobs, fake tan, fake this than and the other any day.

I would hope that most of you would agree.

Fairy washing up liquid. It has a lot to answer for. Once it depicted the homely person as having blonde hair as that was the sort of woman in favour. It apparently altered men’s perceptions and they started to see blonde as homely and brunettes at the racey ones. Really? Something like that can be enough to change how we think or what we think we are attracted too? Well yes apparently it did alter things.

I’ve spoken to a few men in my time about this whole thing and they said that whole cliché ‘Page 3/Jordan’ type is what they say to their mates they want but in reality they would never want in a million years but they feel they have to say it. I am sure there are a few that really want that – you know the ones that collect trophy girlfriends….and don’t even get me started.

There are some girls out there that really don’t help this debate.

But please – stop trying to be that ‘type’ and stop trying to rebel against it too.

How about doing something really radical, I know this is going to shock you but how about JUST BEING YOURSELF AND TRUE TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE!!!!

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