Saturday, 16 July 2011

Aw Mom look what I did!

Two more dresses.  I feel I am slowly getting the hang of this design.  It's great as put a cardigan over it or a long sleeved top underneath and I have a dress for any weather.  The different fabric is enough to make each dress look different.  Before I know it my whole wardrobe is going to end up looking like this I think.  The top dress cost me £2.50 in fabric and the bottom one cost me £2.99 and there is still some left over.  Way better than going to the shops and buying one of a dozen dresses that look the same......I just wish I'd discovered my sewing machine sooner.


  1. pretty designs too and cool because no one else has it

  2. Thank you so much - sorry for the slow reply - this blog hasn't been showing people's comments!