Monday, 18 July 2011

So...I've been thinking......

Sometimes you gotta realise if you didn’t get nervous, if you didn’t sometimes get sick to your stomach, wake up with cold sweats or just not be able to sleep at all – well you just don’t really care about what it is that’s going through your mind.
You have to feel this, really FEEL it to know you want it. To know it’s worth fighting for.
If you didn’t care, it wouldn’t matter and you wouldn’t worry.

You have to go through this so you know you want it. Keeps you hungry. Makes you think. You thrash out every little detail.
But be careful what you put out there, don’t go being negative just because you are used to being that way – put positive things out there into the atmosphere, send good things out to the universe, it’s worth it isn’t it I mean you just never know!
Above all, believe in yourself – realise those gut feelings are there for a reason.
You alone choose your fate.
You alone believe in your future.
Your only constraints are the ones your mind puts on you, you know.
So get out there, live a little. Be Free!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A simple gesture and a kind word

You have to excuse the state of my desk - it's a bit like the state of my mind....chaotic.  But isn't the plant lovely! It's huge, in a lovely terracota pot and has a lovely subtle floral scent.

It might look like tonnes of other plants to you but this one has a lovely little message attached (and I don't mean the card that came with it).

Earlier in the week a couple of Spanish ladies arrived at work.  As I was getting ready to leave work and meet my boyfriend, they asked me if I could phone a taxi for them.  Which I did, they guy on the other end of the phone blatantly didn't want to help them, even though it was something their work had pre-arranged.  To cut a long story short, I stayed late, only by about 25 minutes, to help these ladies get back to their hotel, to arrange a lift for them the following morning and suggest moving hotel.  The next day I helped them out with a couple of other things.  All quite small gestures really and I thought nothing more of it.  Just before the ladies left at the end of the week they gave me the above plant to say thankyou.   I was bowled over.  So sweet, and so uncalled for but how lovely.  Turns out the day they landed in the UK everything had been going wrong, everything seemed to be going against them, people weren't being friendly and it was all just going a bit tits up to be honest, and mine was a small gesture but gave them a little lift at the end of the day.

So my point here is this......if someone snaps at you - don't let it get you down - you never know what that person may have been going through.  If you can help someone, why not just take a second or two out of your day to help - you never know just how much you might be cheering someone up - how your little action might turn someone's worst day ever into being an ok day.

Aw Mom look what I did!

Two more dresses.  I feel I am slowly getting the hang of this design.  It's great as put a cardigan over it or a long sleeved top underneath and I have a dress for any weather.  The different fabric is enough to make each dress look different.  Before I know it my whole wardrobe is going to end up looking like this I think.  The top dress cost me £2.50 in fabric and the bottom one cost me £2.99 and there is still some left over.  Way better than going to the shops and buying one of a dozen dresses that look the same......I just wish I'd discovered my sewing machine sooner.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Up All Night

Well, no I wasn't I went to bed and got awoken this morning by my friend Carl wanting me to get up and give him a second opinion on the new blink-182 song that was released at 1am.

So I dragged my sorry self out of bed.

You might not be excited about the new blink-182 song but I really really am.


Right, my opinion, musically it's very interesting.  I like the lyrics.  A lovely welcome back to the Delonge and Hoppus delivery but..................(I really didn't want there to be one but.....) The chorus is pure AVA.  The delivery of the verse sounds like both have breathing difficulties, gaspy.  I'm on my 3rd listen but it sounds like someone keeps trying to turn it down at times, I thought maybe it was me trying to wake up but nope it really does happen.  I don't have time to pin point where but see if you can hear it, it's kindof when Tom sings '...all these demons' each time!

Overall.........I am excited, it's going to really grow on me I know it but right now, I am sorry but I'm kindof wanting +44 back.

OK I always want +44 back haha but yeah, I feel it fell a little flat.  Looking forward to the album though.

I am glad they are back.  It will grow on already is.  But I fear this is not the blink I know and love....I am really hoping they prove me wrong.  I wanted this song to blow me away - it hasn't done that yet - but with an album full of new songs on its way I have hope.

Stitch n Bitch

So, the top two were actually a dress I'd bought that ended up being a bit obscene when it was on so I took the top and bottom apart, put elastic in the skirt and hey presto not so obscene anymore and took the top, bought some new fabric and made a skirt type piece from that - stitched it together and voila, one skirt and one dress, both of a much more reasonable length.  Geez, that makes me sound so old but really no one and I repeat no one looks good with their ass hanging out of their clothes!!!

I then made this, the top is a nice peach fabric with a gold glittery fleck in it.  I liked the fabric I used for the bottom half so much, I then made a complete dress out of it.  All in one weekend - go me ;op

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Is that a little wheeze you have there?

Last night I went to see Weezer.

Today I feel old and broken.

It was such a good night, such a good band, no pretentions, no bullshit just fun and good songs.

The set list:

Undone - The Sweater Song

My Name Is Jonas

El Scorcho


Pink Triangle


Island in the Sun

(With intro about London by Rivers)

Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus cover)

The Good Life

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Say it Ain't So

Tired of Sex

You Gave Your Love to Me Softly

Pork and Beans

Across the Sea

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)

Only in Dreams

Paranoid Android  (Radiohead cover)


Hash Pipe

Buddy Holly

During the show Rivers spied a kid in the audience that had an outfit on that he approved of and he said he could come up on stage to sing  along to a song and let him pick which song and true to his word he remembered and called the kid up on stage.  The show ended with all of Weezer behind the drumkit.

I don't care if you like the band or not, there is a lot that 'celebrities' could learn from the behaviour of a band that have been around a long time, have been successful for a long time, and have no silly airs and graces.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Oh whatever.........

I am sick and tired, tired and sick bored and bored and bored of the whole beauty debate.

The fact we are still debating it not only says there is still a problem which is beyond sad but also that we are all still buying into it.

If we weren’t, there would be nothing to debate.

The sad truth is that I don’t think this will ever go away.

We all know that beauty if within – well the true true beauty that is really worthwhile but alas you don’t see that on first viewing. It can be what makes you go back but it’s not the thing that attracts you first time round most of the time.

It’s a harsh and unfair reality but that is, my friends, the sort of world we live in.

If we could only looking inside someone then maybe we’d actually get to see more than they had for dinner, wouldn’t it be good if the good guys had hearts that glowed pink or red and the bad people had no glow or their heart glowed black, and by guys I mean people, you girls are included too.

Just at a quick flicker of eye contact we would know if someone was worth bothering about or not.

The values we place on things and people are messed up. Beyond any words I could type. To the point that if you had a quick glance at me you would see a pink heart for “Yay” I am one of the good guys but you’d see it in two pieces.

I hate how films make out that someone is ugly if they wear glasses and braces and once their true beauty is realised they lose the glasses and braces.

If someone is the funny but unlucky in love person they will be shown as fat.

This makes me mad.

I want a lovely personality over fake boobs, fake tan, fake this than and the other any day.

I would hope that most of you would agree.

Fairy washing up liquid. It has a lot to answer for. Once it depicted the homely person as having blonde hair as that was the sort of woman in favour. It apparently altered men’s perceptions and they started to see blonde as homely and brunettes at the racey ones. Really? Something like that can be enough to change how we think or what we think we are attracted too? Well yes apparently it did alter things.

I’ve spoken to a few men in my time about this whole thing and they said that whole cliché ‘Page 3/Jordan’ type is what they say to their mates they want but in reality they would never want in a million years but they feel they have to say it. I am sure there are a few that really want that – you know the ones that collect trophy girlfriends….and don’t even get me started.

There are some girls out there that really don’t help this debate.

But please – stop trying to be that ‘type’ and stop trying to rebel against it too.

How about doing something really radical, I know this is going to shock you but how about JUST BEING YOURSELF AND TRUE TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE!!!!