Friday, 10 June 2011

Story time!

My friends little boy has been naughty - he was caught hitting a girl - he's only little but.........he pretended to be sick to not go to school as he'd been really told off for his behaviour.

My friend has only just found out - so I wrote this for tonights bedtme story, I wonder if it helps!
Once upon a time there was a little boy. You don’t need to know his name as it doesn’t really matter, but be assured he was very much like you. In more ways than you could ever imagine.

He’s like every little boy out there really.

You don’t even need to know his age. Or where he lives.

He’s just a little boy, who lives, and is like you.

All he really wanted in the world was friends. To fit in. Oh and a new bike.

He used to go to school and play with his friends, come home, demand some biscuits and try to behave.

Every now and then, especially when he was having a bad day, or had eaten too much sugar he would be a little terror and he’d run his Mom, his Dad and his Grandparents ragged. They’d end up exhausted just trying to keep up with him. He would always retort that if he had his new bike he could go out and play on that and be out of their hair.

It hadn’t worked so far, he was still wishing and longing for that new bike, but he was hopeful.

One day he went to school and he saw his friend being mean to this little girl.

He didn’t know the little girl and didn’t know what was going on so he went over to see.

It turned out his friend had a bad day and had taken it out on the little girl because she was smaller than him.

Didn’t really seem fair but others had done it so he thought why not!

One of the bigger boys congratulated his friend, said he was tuff, or something like that. It made his friend smile but the little boy didn’t really know why.

As the day went on he saw other bigger boys pick on other little girls and sometimes on other little boys too.

They would cry and run away and this used to make him laugh. He thought it was really pathetic.

One day he joined in with his friend and he hit the little girl. She cried. He paused for a moment but the laughter of his friend encouraged him, so he kicked her too.

It made him feel big and strong. He liked it. So he decided the next day he would do it again.

What he hadn’t stopped to think about was how this now made him a bully, one of those horrible people that your parents warned you about. That your teachers told you to stand up too.

But he hadn’t thought about that. He didn’t think of it as being a bully.

The next day he went to school and he went looking for this little girl with his friend. He kicked her and he pushed her and she cried. He had never felt so big and strong.

He loved this.
What he hadn’t realised was that the teacher had seen.

What he hadn’t realised was that this little girl had a very big brother who didn’t like to hear of his little sister crying.
What he hadn’t thought about was that Santa doesn’t bring toys or nice new bikes to naughty children.
What he hadn’t thought about was how his parents would feel so let down when they found out what he’d done.
What he hadn’t thought about was how this little girl went home every night and cried, she cried all night and suddenly would dread coming to school. She’d tell her parents she was sick in the hopes they would let her stay off school. She started to be scared of this little boy. Her big brother wanted to hit this little boy but he knew that would then make him a bully too. So he went to the teacher and told her what had happened, as you’re always told to tell a teacher on a bully.
The teacher told the little boy off and he cried. Now all the bullies laughed at him.
His parents were ever so sad by what he had done.
The next day he went to school and he found the little girl. She looked scared. He felt terrible about what he had done and told her so. He told her he was so sorry and he just wanted the other boys to like him.
Then something magical happened. The little girl smiled and shook his hand.
‘I forgive you.’ She said, proving what a lovely person she was.
It was then the little boy realised that this was how you made friends, he promised himself, his teacher, his parents and the little girl that from now on he would be nice.
Even Santa heard that promise and smiled to himself. This little boy could go back on the Christmas list after all.


  1. So did santa bring him a new bike??
    Nice story btw
    and i hope your feeling okay over there, i worry that you are ill :(

  2. Haha I don't know - he'll maybe find out in December - my friends little boy had been naughty so I wrote it as his bed time story ;op All good here just been really busy at work, holiday and finishing my writing course as well as teaching myself how to sew! Phew busy bee!