Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Knit one, purl one, stitch one, drop one..............

First thing ever made using a machine all by my lonesome - just a moment before I made it I didn't even know how to thread my machine so before you think I am a total under achiever I actually think I did quite well.

I also wanted to start to make crochet jewellery but seeing as I am very new to crochet and have a dicky thumb I am taking it slowly but first attempt:

First attempt at a crochet flower, attached to a knitted headband I made.

Two crochet necklaces, needs a bit more work but getting there.

Next two skirts - getting there - still not quite there but this means I've only made 3 things on my machine so far - so I have high hopes for the future, now I just need to learn how to use a pattern, how to insert a zip - oh the list in endless but this is like me sticking my toe into the waters of making things.

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