Monday, 30 May 2011

Cut myself on angel hair and babies breath

I still play my Nirvana CDs a lot and I really wish that Kurt was still around making music today as some of the stuff he was recording just before he died really did hint at the greatness that I hoped was to come, which obviously very sadly never did.

I also wish Courtney had released Live Through This with Kurt's harmonies on it.  I've heard a massive chunk of the album with those harmonies on but not much of it seems to remain today but I've included one video.

Courtney chose not to use Kurt's harmonies because she thought she'd spend the rest of her life with people thinking that her husband provided the talent behind her music.  As it turned out she got a little too high and has forever been having to defend herself against this allogation ever since.  Her last CD had critical acclaim.  I have to confess I never bought it.  Live Through This was my Hole highpoint.

Nirvana may've been over after In Utero but I really really wish that I could go out and buy Kurt's new album, the work that he left, the direction the Unplugged session seemed to hint at and the people who were talking to him about collaborations would've been quite insane.  Can you imagine what things would be like if he was still around today and making music? I think we'd still have a Foo Fighters so don't worry on that one.  Ah the things that we reminisce on from our past when you accidentally find a load of your old music on your computer.

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