Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Am I the only one?

Proms never used to exist in the UK - you would have a lame school disco once or twice a year, you dressed up a little but not in a prom dress, that would've gained you a serious kick in or just people pointing and laughing.  It was the usual set up - no food, fizzy drinks and boys on one side and girls on the other, as the night progressed you'd get boys on one side and girls in the middle dancing.  Then as the night came to a close the same old lame song would be played for like the two people that had hooked up so everyone would watch them like some really inappropriate first dance at a wedding.  Lame!

Now it's all about the Prom.  Which I am sure is all about whether you get crowned Prom Queen or not.  Usually the two cheesiest members of school right?

Worse yet - they would campaign for this 'honor'.


I've never needed people's approval that greatly or that on mass.  I find it kindof weird.

It's the social version of only buying clothes if there is another 30 of them exactly the same in the shop.

Isn't it just unhealthy competition designed to make those that don't feel like they fit in feel even more on the fringes of school life.

One day people will realise those on the fringes can quite often be the really interesting grown ups.  They had to work at having a personality, they learned to look at things in a different way.  They notice more in the world than just their own reflection.

I love dressing up but I think if Proms were like that in the UK or in my day I'd have just laughed and taken the pee and gone as little Bo Peep - for I am one of the interesting adults obviously ;op

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