Monday, 11 April 2011

Thinspiration - yuk!!!!

Whilst I was out shopping the other day I happened to glance down at a ladies shopping basket. The only thing inside was two boxes of diet pills and two boxes of laxatives.
Now sorry but this does not seem the healthiest way to reach a weight you should be. It also seems quite um how shall I put this, quite an anti social diet.
I for one get really crotchety when I haven’t eaten for a while and my sugar levels are dipping. But imagine having no food at all and little control over when you poop yeah nice!
There’s also the issue of what it is doing to your insides.
Even chucking food up isn’t good as the acid in your vomit can burn away your oesophagus and lead you to a nasty death.
And all for what – because we feel fat? Many of those that feel that way are anything but fat as well.
Nicole Richie was accused of being pregnant recently because she had a loose top on?!?! Now have you seen that girl – she’s stick thin! It’s irresponsible to put such pressure on people that have already had issues with their weight and are almost too skinny again now.
That’s society – it’s a mess that we can’t just enjoy our food and remember to be more active. If diets worked it wouldn’t be such a multi million pound industry would it.
Eating correctly wouldn’t make your breath smell or your hair go dull or make you a cranky old bat to hang out with.
If you eat correctly you can be surprised at how much you can actually consume. And exercise – it’s not rocket science. Exercise isn’t just good for your waist line either it’s essential for your mental well being too.
I am far from perfect but am making steps in the right direction, gentle steps – for I am making a life change not looking for a quick and quite often dangerous fix.
Life can be tough enough without us all beating ourselves up for not having the figures that the media says we should. Remember they are trying to sell something they are being sensationalist. Even models get air brushed to high heaven.
So please ladies…..and gents wake up – when we are living in a world where the number of anorexic 5 year olds is on the increase we really need to keep our eyes open and start thinking for ourselves.

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