Thursday, 14 April 2011

Don't focus on what is missing, focus on what you have already got!

Jenny Colgan is an author or what is probably labelled Chick Lit.  You might love her work, you might hate it, you might be indifferent to it but she's made a very good statement.

 “Great long-term relationships aren't made from interests in common, political allegiance, shared belief systems or hobbies. They're made from people being thoughtful about one another. Emptying the dishwasher. Listening to their day. Saying please and thank you. Treating them as you would anyone you really liked and admired. It's easier to say 'I'd walk over broken glass for you' than it is to take the bins out every night.”

I could not agree more.  The big grand gestures if you are rich pale into insignificance when a poor person runs a bath for you, or picks some wild flowers for you.  It's easy to get an assistant to charter a jet for you when you have the money but to take time out and bother to do something.  Say your partner has had a bad day at work, so you rush home, run a bubble bath and greet them with a glass of wine. This needs to only cost you a few pounds but the thought is priceless.

Being thoughtful.  It costs nothing in the monetary terms but boy is the effect ever lasting.

Try and your partner, friends, family....might just like it!

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