Thursday, 24 March 2011

To all the ladies out there.....and men too.....

I read something today that blew my mind.

It was about lady who had been having doubts about taking the contraceptive pill.  So she decided to stop.  And through her research she found out this:
“Little did I know that switching pills increased my dose of estrogen/progestin by 83% every 90 days”

Estrogen or having way too much of it can cause quite a lot of trouble fo ladies, and to men too.  Estrogen cannot be removed from drinking water, men being given such high doses of estrogen makes them unable to bear children.

3 in 5 women take the pill.  That's a lot, that's almost like doctors handing out these pills like sweets really isn't it.  Put a woman on the pill and it saves the cost of unwanted pregnancies.  Well one look at the news and we see that this isn't really the case is it.

But that's another issue for another time.  Right now I am horrified that something that can cause such a serious issue is never mentioned when a lady goes on the pill or has to change, as generally they inevitably will - and not just once either. 

Apparently when the pill first became more commonly used we were in the free loving 60s and it was a revolution.  It's only recently come to light that scientists and medical people thought women would take the pill for a couple of years to have a few years of freedom before settling down to have children and follow the path they thought that involved.

Does that mean that research has never really been carried out on what long term use can do to someone?

Hormones are so important, they really do make us who we are, but this tiny pill, handed out like sweets can totally alter that.  These little pills can make you suicidally depressed.  I don't want to preach but I think it's all food for thought. 

I think everyone should think a little more carefully in future before just happily taking these pills, and happily changing them whenever it suits.

“Little did I know that switching pills increased my dose of estrogen/progestin by 83% every 90 days”

"Women were only expected to be on the pill for two years."


  1. Great post! I don't have very much trust in the FDA and their approval on anything really, and am always very cautious when I use anything from vitamins to birth control. I know the depo and other birth control can have pretty damaging side effects, but in some cases such as mine, the benefits outweigh the risks. I have suffered from awful reproductive system problems since I was a teenager. I have endometriosis, miscarried twice and got to the point to where I was physically ill. I was totally unable to have any life for 2 weeks out of every month! I was miserable, couldn't keep a job. Anyways, to make it short, I'm a lot better now but in order to keep from having a hysterectomy at 20 I chose one of the only 2 alternatives; depo. The other alternative was to take a shot that would cost over 1000 each to be put in early menopause! Horrible for a 20 yr old!

    So in some cases, birth control can be a good option and unfortunately for some, an only way of relief.

  2. Ah kendra that all sucks to put it mildly - i've had some similar experiences - send me your email if you want to chat off here about it all.