Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I do not have a spending addiction...I'm helping the environment!!

Times are hard for many right now. Times have been hard for many for a long time, forever in fact.

There is enough wealth in the world for not one person to be homeless. For not one person to be starving.

Yet.....................in America alone there are over 35 MILLION people that are poverty striken.

There are times I moan I am skint......but really it means I can't buy whatever useless not really necessary purchase I just have to have or my life will be over.....until I find something else I just have to have.

The world is consumed by materialism. How much do you earn? Where did you holiday last year? How big is your house? What is your postcode? What label is your outfit from? And so on and so forth.

None of these things are defining us as people, but the world has led us to believe it does so a few fat cats can get very fat and rich in deed. The world needs us to shop and feel envy.....apparently.

Personally I think I'd prefer to live in a world where every child has the chance to an education. That no one has to die needlessly. That no one has to worry about where their next meal is coming from. This is probably why I'd never make a very good rich person. I don't think I could own lots of cars and houses and have millions sat in the bank whilst people are too poor to be able to eat a proper meal even once a day.

The world isn't fair. I know that. It doesn't mean I have to like it.

There are plenty of things each one of us could do to help and I hope that each one of us does something to help.

A friend of mine is putting a child from a third world country through school. At my work a group of us fund a few children through school and provide medication for them. I donate money to an elephant sanctuary, I sponsor a guide dog for the blind, I am finalising volunteer work for a women's advice centre, I donate to the rain forest and campaign for an alternative to palm oil and orangutan protection. I recycle. I use my own bags where possible at food stores. I hand over my old clothes, books and music to the charity store. And I am sure there are many more things I can do and will continue to try to help in whatever little way I can.

As a light relief.......due to my wage packet being stretched more and more by things like rent, bills, food, travel.......I still like to have new clothes.....so I can help my pocket, my wardrobe and also the environment as buying clothes from the charity store takes very little resources, as the clothese have already been made.

Today's purchases set me back by £13.50, so that's a £13.50 donation to charity, little effect to the environment and my spending bug has been itched! Not bad for a mornings work!

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