Thursday, 3 February 2011

Take the time to understand......

Sometimes money helps - sometimes it hinders.  Sometimes I really wish I had more and sometimes I am glad I don't have much.
Children born into money have a certain type of confidence that the average Jo never has.

Not having to struggle to find money for bills or to put food on the table does add something different to your life. I wish no one had to struggle for food or to pay bills but the sad fact is far too many people do.

Trust fund kids. There is a cliché that not many do any good – just coast through life without really understanding the importance of much.

Now that’s a gross generalisation and one I don’t really want to make but lets just, for arguments sake, focus on those cliché trust fund kids.

Not all are ‘famous’ or ‘celebrities’ but they all move in very similar circles. Many end up with drink or drug issues. Many end up breaking the law but not really having to worry about the consequences due to the power of their name or their parent’s lawyers.

But when you have an endless fountain of money, after a while, life must become a bit boring.  Now I know that sounds weird but go with me on this one a moment.

You never have to worry about what you say because there will always be people that you have to hang out with or will hang out with you, or hang on to your coat tails. You lose a certain something when you don’t have to think before you open your mouth.

You are right though there are plenty of people that are like that who have no money. Children of a very young age don’t really think before they speak but there is normally an innocent charm to the things they say. When you never have to worry about being popular it can make you quite mean.

People belittle those they don’t understand.

If someone can only get a job in McDonalds does that mean they have failed? Surely there is a lot more to do with someone being a failure than that? If they’ve fought to get employment – is that not better than just rolling in and out of Daddy’s company? If they are a good hard working person with a heart of gold surely that is what makes them a successful human being.

Human nature judges – and sadly quite often on all the wrong things.

Actors/actresses get paid a ridiculous amount of money to pretend to be someone else. Footballers get paid a ridiculous amount of money to kick a leather ball around a field. Lawyers get paid a lot of money to talk in jargon. Executives get paid a lot of money to go out on lunches and delegate.

It’s quite often those in the lower positions that are really doing the graft.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt get heralded as saints for handing over a few hundred thousand to a charity. It’s all about tax breaks. It’s small change to them. I am glad they do it and appreciate that but it doesn’t make them saints in my book. The child that saved their pocket money for a year and hands in a few pounds is giving up far more and it’s actually a far greater donation, but that’s never or rarely mentioned.

In the UK there is a show called ‘Secret Millionaire.’ These people are taken to somewhere more impoverished. They are given the same amount of money to live on as someone out of work on the basic benefits. They are quite often put into a council house that has seen better days. They inevitable become very humble. It makes them appreciate money. They meet people that are doing things just because they want to, because they care. None of them leave unchanged. They feel selfish in the way they have lived. The things that have worried them before pale into insignificance.

MP’s on million pound salaries tell those on low incomes and out of work that they shouldn’t have a fridge or freezer, that they shouldn’t have a TV. I’d love to see them live for a couple of months in a pokey house on benefits or a low income.

Paris Hilton for example, traded on her families name to make her known, she hasn't done much godo to my knowledge.  Not many do much good with that family name that gives them a voice. They could use that voice for great means. Few choose to.  And those that do - well thank you - and I mean that.  If you have a chance for a voice then please use it but use it for good!

Many children of ‘celebrities’ go on to become so successful. They 'write' books, start clothing lines, create perfumes, release records………..and talk about how they’ve worked really hard for what they have got………..of course most of this has happened because their name holds some power and the right people help them out....again there are some out there that put the graft in but lets take Naomi Campbell/Katie Price - an author - yeah right even she laughs at that one.

It’s rare that the average Jo is given that recognition. Think of the film/book The Freedom Writers. That was an average Jo that did amazing things, and thankfully was recognised for it, but there are probably loads like that who are never known to the world outside their own 4 walls.

I feel that we herald the wrong people and give the millions to the wrong industries. The people who have taken a step back, or are behind the scenes or just happen to never come across a spot light are quite often the ones that deserve the money and the praise.

Back to the cliche trust fund kids…….they can do anything, own anything, go anywhere…..but there is surely only so many times you can charter your own jet or just buy anything you want in a shop before you just become ridiculously greedy or ridiculously bored. There is a certain charm to having to save up for something you really want. Or finding that treasured book or cd in a charity store for a bargain price. You eat out at a top restaurant for a real treat. Not something you do everyday and barely eat there.

The world has become too materialistic. I am not a good person if I have a high flying job or a big house, it doesn’t mean I am a bad person if I have those things but people should take the time to not pre-judge and scratch the surface a little more before they judge.

You can’t help the face you are born with or the genetics you are given yet this world judges us on those two things so much and so strongly. Human nature seems to tease what it doesn’t understand rather than taking the time to get to know it – to try to understand it or to learn from it.

We place far too much value on the size of our salaries and frown on everyone below that.

One day I really hope that the worlds wealth is spread more fairly and we learn from each other rather than judging each other.

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