Monday, 10 January 2011

The simple things in life.....

This weekend has been so good - so simple but so much happiness.

I had take out with D on Friday.  No washing up, no cooking and I didn't even have to go and get it - result!

Then the postman delivered 3 boxsets of my secret pleasure........Gilmore Girls. 

I grew up in a small town but sadly not as cool as Stars Hollow.  If only I had.  So Saturday I ran around doing my chores, even taking two massive bags of clothes to the charity shop, see a good deed, I did a pilates workout and then settled down and watched an embarrassingly large amount of Season 1 of said dvd.  As the night wore on D and I went to the cinema to see 127 hours.  I managed to keep my eyes on the screen the whole time, even when he appears to put his hand inside his own arm.  For those who don't know what 127 hours is, it is a film based on a true story.  A climber whose world revolved around him.  He went off climbing, not telling a soul where he was going, and he slipped.  He fell down a crevise, and his hand was trapped.  6 days of trying to break out and alone with just his thoughts and a small amount of water and food that did run out, he realises the error of his ways, realises the important people in his life and the things he has done wrong.  He cuts his arm off.  It takes him 45 minutes.  I cannot even imagine how that must feel, what he must've gone through but thankfully he was rescued and lived to change his bad ways.  It's a lesson we could all do with learning but alas many of us never do.  And I'd rather learn without having to cut my arm off thankyou.

Sunday D and I went into central London to have a long slow chilled out sunday lunch with our friends Patrick and Sophie.  Then back home to watch more Gilmore Girls.

Such simple fun, pure and refined and just perfect.  No pressure, no performance.  Just nice.

I wish every weekend could be just like it.

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