Tuesday, 11 January 2011

RARRRRRRRR like a little dinosaur

So…..there’s a new government in town in the UK, and oh dear god!!!!

That sums up my thoughts in a sentence.

Here’s my thoughts in general………the country had hit a bit of a sticky patch with it’s finances, for that I will agree. Most of this sticky patch was caused by the banks ridiculous disregard for the power of money and how to use it and what it should be spent on. They royally messed up and left ‘the people’ to pay for it. How did they thank the average Jo, yes that’s right – they didn’t pay back any of what they had borrowed – they decided to give themselves huge bonuses. Um, how come? You normally get a bonus for doing well and doing your job exceptionally – they blatantly didn’t do that – no one can dispute that, so what was going on there? Oh yes, that would appear that the banks rule the country because the Government seems too scared to put their foot down with the ridiculous behaviour of the bankers. Oh yes they did do something, raised all the taxes for the average Jo and gave the banks tax cuts.

Ever feel like you are being laughed at people? Not just laughed at but put up against a wall and peed on whilst being laughed at?!!!

So lets look at what other gems seem to be going on in this Conservative government. Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking it’s a coalition……….it’s a conservative government. Just that word ‘conservative’ is nasty in my book. But I digress.

The country is just pulling itself out of recession so the government has decided to raise taxes and hugely cut funding. This means job losses or cut in hours for many. So less income. The raise in taxes means everything costs more. Some shops are not just passing on the tax increase they are doubling it and passing on double the charge. So way less money in your pocket. Then the gas, electric and water companies are charging through the nose, making huge profits but putting up their services. The water company is losing loads through leaks but rather than put the money into fixing those leaks they are awarding themselves bonuses and huge wages to the higher up and then telling the average Jo that they need to put up the charges so they can do the repairs.

Can I hear laughter again?!?!?!!? It’s not a funny joke though is it!

Benefits are being cut. But it would appear that those fleecing the system are still getting away with it on the whole and it’s people that really deserve it that are not getting all that they are entitled to.

In north London the rents are beyond ridiculous – people can’t afford to buy anymore so what can you do! Live on the streets? Well, that might not be a joke for much longer for some.

Closed bids are being accepted by landlords. Hello! Is this not illegal? Why yes sir I think it is! What is being done about it? Oh yes, nothing! But then a lot of MP’s live in the North London suburbs so I guess it suits them if they can turn North London into an elitist snob fest.

Now the country has huge debts, much of this money that has been spent is public money – the money of the average Jo, but the average Jo has no say in how this money is spent. Government makes some dumb ass decisions but never mind the average Jo will legally forced to pay for it.

Now let’s put this another way. If your boss pays you for your work and then says exactly how you have to spend it and a lot of it is on things you don’t like, are not interested in or strongly disagree with, the rest he will not tell you about or how much it’s really costing. Well, no one would stand for that would they?

The future looks like it’s going to drive the poor into absolute squalor. I keep hearing that the rich are being made to pay the most – but sorry a higher tax for them isn’t as crippling as a higher tax on someone that has practically nothing. Remember it’s not just that 2.5% rise it’s all the other stuff that is going up on top. So that’s a tax hike for the average Jo and a tax break for the bankers that are majorly to blame for a lot of the debt…..oh and big bonuses for them when a lot of people are having their pay frozen for another year.

My bus fare alone this month has gone up by £5 a month – when you put that into a percentage increase it’s just wrong. To go from Archway tube to the west end and back cost me £4.60 yesterday. The distance travelled probably wasn’t even 5 miles. What other city charges so much for a tube service, that is dirty, smelly and keeps breaking down? I think the answer is none.

This country is turning into a bit of a nightmare featuring the face of David Cameron – that makes me shudder.

Many people feel the answer is to move away. How sad is that, that people feel they can no longer live in their own country to have a good life. Sounds almost third world really doesn’t it.

I could go on, but I think you are getting the picture I am painting and I’d rather start a new canvas please.

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